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Women Rising

Women Rising

The faces, stories, words and resilience of Lebanese women have made headlines over the past 40 odd days. Social media has been taken over by the faces of diverse women, the mother, the film director, the activist and the business owner, all calling for change.

We would like to celebrate a few women who have inspired us with their acts, strength and perseverance. And the groups of women, who have been at the front lines, seemingly keeping the peace.

Lady of the kick

We’ve all seen the video and the various works of art that stemmed from that one iconic kick. The lady in question is seen kicking an armed politician’s bodyguard, away from protestors. She also recently celebrated her wedding, in the protest site.

Nadine Labaki

Oscar nominated filmmaker, Nadine Labaki, has been very active, calling for change and reforms during the protests. Her voice has been heard globally, spread through her social media platforms. Labaki took part in the Human Chain event, and was quoted in Reuters to have said:

“What’s happening is proof of how peacefully we are protesting, when you see people all holding hands and having one heart," said Labaki.

The mothers in Ain Al Rummaneh and Chiah

After a night of violence in their neighborhoods, the mothers in Ain Al Rummaneh and Chiah, took to the streets in a heartwarming walk, advocating peace. Standing side by side, mothers from all religions and backgrounds, chanted peaceful slogans and handed out white roses.

To all the strong women of Lebanon, we salute you, your strength and your sincerity.

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on December 03, 2019

by Beirut Digital District