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How MAD Are You?

How MAD Are You?

M.A.D. which stands for Music. Arts. Design. is an entertainment platform for millennials, dedicated to hunting and promoting talent, as well as producing content. The brainchild of a TV producer and two marketing consultants (who are also sisters), together they found a growing gap in the market. This prompted the team to channel their efforts to promote independent emerging artists and support them in managing their careers.

M.A.D. was founded almost three years ago, and today, it promotes more than 800 artists. Each of the subscribed artists are part of the growing M.A.D. network, and can manage their own profiles, upload content and sell items on the platform. The public can then interact with these artists, creating a creative ripple effect.

Read the full article on Berytech's blog here

And visit M.A.D.s website here: https://howmadareyou.com/

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on October 02, 2019

by Beirut Digital District