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From Lebanon To The World - This Is Where The Talent Is

From Lebanon To The World - This Is Where The Talent Is

Lebanese professionals have been making headlines for centuries, through the vast global diaspora comprised of an estimated 16 million people. In Lebanon, the entrepreneurial spirit is prevalent, with successful ventures recorded in the thousands. On a nationwide scale, talented Lebanese individuals, well versed in high-value added service fields, have showcased their strengths within local and multinational organizations for decades. This is primarily due to both their high-value skillsets in the creative and digital realms, as well as the levels of education that Lebanese talent boast.

More recently, companies across the Middle East have turned to Lebanon, outsourcing their high-value added services. According to recent study from IDAL, there are more than 200 Lebanese companies offering outsourcing services to international entities. Employing over 5,000 individuals, these companies fall under three main subsectors, which include: “call centers, business process outsourcing services (BPO), and information technology outsourcing.” As a result, Lebanon has been deemed an emerging outsourcing hub in the Middle East.

How to overcome the impact of the economic crisis through job creation

BDD and Jobs for Lebanon sign an MoU

Due to the ongoing economic crisis, there are limited opportunities for Lebanese talent to thrive locally, and support is needed to showcase their talent to the rest of the world. And so, BDD and Jobs for Lebanon have come together, to create more opportunities for thriving Lebanese talent.

The partnership ensures that the best talent is online and ready to take on all types of work, from the heart of Beirut’s thriving digital district. BDD, Lebanon’s thriving creative and digital community, is geared towards achieving its long-term vision of vibrantly powering innovation in Lebanon, and unleashing the unbounded potential of transforming Lebanon into an international outsourcing hub. This entails allowing Lebanese talent to work on high-value projects and extend their knowledge and expertise, while continuing to reside in their home country. Accordingly, as part of the partnership with Jobs for Lebanon, BDD is providing collaborative workspaces at preferential rates, offering freelancers access to co-working spaces through monthly plans or daily passes. At 50% off and at cost, freelancers and companies can benefit from the full-service environment that the district makes available. 

Additionally, BDD and Jobs For Lebanon are working on an additional layer: allowing Lebanese agencies to apply for remote based projects posted on the platform, where some agencies will be pre-vetted by BDD. Therefore, the platform is home to potential opportunities targeting talent that range from freelancers to a team of skilled savvy.

To date, Jobs For Lebanon, which launched only months ago, has already recorded over 52,000 visitors from 142 countries. So far, 386 jobs have been created and posted, with 3,500 skilled applicants on the platform. Professionals from all industries and disciplines can find freelance, project-based and full-time hire opportunities in creative, tech and digital fields. Roles range from software engineering to marketing, finance and social services to business development. 

Together, with Jobs for Lebanon linking the Lebanese Diaspora to local talent, and BDD offering an ideal outsourcing hub experience, the reach and potential of this initiative is unbounded. 

Everyone can contribute to create more jobs in Lebanon

  • As an individual: The responsibility of job creation in Lebanon is on everyone. Every individual can spread the word about the platform and post available vacancies on it. Encourage job seekers to check it out.
  • As a company / recruiter: Post vacancies and projects that require talent on the platform and gain access to top creative and digital talent in Lebanon. 
  • As a job seeker / agency: Sign up and create a profile on Jobs For Lebanon, and search the vacancies based on your area of expertise. New jobs are posted daily. For freelancers and companies that need a place to work from, get in touch with BDD to learn more about the customizable options at preferential rates.

For more information, visit: jobsforlebanon.com and beirutdigitaldistrict.com and download the BDD app on Google Play and App Store.

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More on Jobs For Lebanon

Jobs For Lebanon is a not-for-profit organization, established by Lebanese citizens and members of the Lebanese Diaspora, for the purposes of creating a global digital “alternate” economy and job marketplace for individuals in Lebanon. These individuals are seeking employment and / or contract work, and can use the digital platform which connects international and domestic employers with prospective applicants in Lebanon. 

More on BDD

Since its founding, BDD has created a ‘Community’ that fosters collaboration and learning, through an environment that caters to creative and digital minds, connecting decision-makers and entrepreneurs. The success of the digital creative entrepreneurial ecosystem created at BDD is evident in its thriving community, geared towards positioning Lebanon as the prime outsourcing hub of high-value services, serving the world.

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on June 08, 2020

by Beirut Digital District