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Community building through digitalization: Ray

Community building through digitalization: Ray

With decreasing levels of engagement globally, companies are struggling to augment synergies between employees and the communities in which they operate. A Gallup study found that highly engaged business teams result in greater profitability, with an increase of 21%, however, 87% of employees globally responded that they were not engaged at work.

It was from this starting point that the founders of ‘Ray’ sat at the drawing table to derive a solution to increase engagement levels. They started with perhaps the most complex project, the Beirut Digital District (BDD), and studied the connections between the community – the companies, people and the outlets.

What they found was interesting – a simple platform that allows for exchange and sharing, can reinforce a community spirit and in turn, increase engagement.

With the world shifting towards digitization, Ray sought to take the communities, companies, associations and workplaces which they conceptualize tailored platforms for, into this new era. The result was a complete solution that provides services and updates for communities, along with creating a cashless society.

From facilitating payments, creating communication channels between members, and extending administrative services – Ray allows users to engage their communities all through the click of a button. The platform is modular, customizable per every organization’s need.

With Ray at its core, serving as a foundational App, BDD functions as a dynamic community, with all its 1,500+ members connected through the platform. Data and analytics are drawn from the platform usage also enable BDD to identify where the key issues arise and to track activities in the growing community.

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Digital Innovation

on February 25, 2019

by Beirut Digital District