Our Vision

To vibrantly power innovation in Lebanon
We aspire to
  • Develop self-sustaining innovative neighborhoods, where technology and brain power seamlessly integrate, allowing for creative communities to flourish.
We aim to
  • Fuel the growth of over 10,000 dynamic and creative individuals, through smart offices spaces, unparalleled infrastructure, healthy environments, topped off with valuable services.

Factor in the Future

The phasing of BDD follows a pragmatic approach to ensure the organic growth of a vibrant urban district, catering to the digital and creative communities.

BDD yesterday, today & tomorrow

Historically, the Bachoura district has always buzzed with life and business ventures. Today, the community is taking a step forward, changing into an integrated digital neighborhood, while preserving the heritage and diversity.


Conscious Building

An environment of energy-conserving buildings and health-conscious individuals, fusing with nature throughout, with the aim of achieving Silver LEED certification.

Eco-friendly buildings with a reduced impact on the environment
Reductions in energy, water and natural resource consumption
Controlled and metered water supply
Around the clock power supply with renewable power generation
Extensive landscaping for improved air quality
Building massing allowing natural day light to enter offices
Grey water recycling and on-site recycling facilities
Maximizing open and shared spaces, offering a unique daily experience

A community by

ZRE is a pioneering real estate development group, focused on creating wholesome communities, offering tenants and visitors unique experiences, distinctive atmospheres and a wide range of services.

ZRE, its team and projects are all founded on several core values. They are: excellence, innovation, integrity and sustainability.

Harmonious communities by ZRE, are complimented with tailored client-servicing to ensure that experiences are seamless. Spaces that breathe life are carefully crafted, transporting tenants into areas beyond the walls and concrete areas.

ZRE's promise:
  • To build homes that reflect personalities.
  • To build offices that are hubs of friendships and creativity.
  • To build spaces that become a statement of humanity.
  • To build stories, adventures and memories.
  • To build communities.