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What’s A Virtual Office And How Could You Use One?

What’s A Virtual Office And How Could You Use One?

It seems as though the whole world has gone virtual. From meetings, to learning, conferences, social events… and now offices. For businesses, virtual offices can make a lot of sense, providing both a physical address and having office administrative services managed without the hassle. As more and more companies are adopting remote workplace structures, virtual offices provide a professional setup, allowing teams to tend to more important matters.

In line with global workplace transformations, BDD has launched virtual office packages at competitive rates, catering to businesses of all sizes, as well as entrepreneurs.

What do BDD’s Virtual Offices include?

For companies and entrepreneurs, BDD offers the full virtual office setup, at a fraction of the fees. Virtual offices at BDD include:

  • A central address in Beirut
  • PO Box number for mail forwarding, along with the delivery of mail (if required)
  • Contracts and paperwork for the registration of new companies
  • A 50% discount on meeting room and event space rentals
  • Access to the BDD community

Reasons to have a virtual office

There are many reasons to opt to have a virtual office. Here are just a few to consider:

You need a central address for credibility and visibility

When clients ask where your office is, having a central location in the heart of the capital city gives your company more credibility. In addition, any mail, packages or other important items can arrive at your virtual office and be sent to you, upon your request.

You want to be more professional

Let’s face it, saying your company is based out of your home, may be portrayed as amateur. Having a physical address, along with access to meeting rooms when you have important clients, provides a more professional setting for you to operate from.

You occasionally need access to meeting rooms and event spaces

When hosting important meetings and access to fully-serviced rooms is a necessity, impress partners and clients by having them in a state-of-the-art facility like BDD. Event spaces at BDD can fit anywhere from 10 to 200 people, and all logistics are managed by the team on your behalf.

You want to be part of a community

The BDD community is always thriving, offering a place to work, live and play. Having a virtual office grants you access to the community, where networking opportunities are aplenty.

You need support to register your company

The legal and official procedures related to setting up companies in Lebanon are still tedious and time-consuming tasks. With its extensive team, BDD handles the registration of new companies, allowing you to kick-start your business in no time.

You still want to work remotely

Perhaps your company is setup in another country, and having a physical presence in Lebanon will help with your business prospects. Or you may be based in Beirut, but remote working structures are still in place until the pandemic subsides. Whatever the case is, virtual offices provide the right structure and amenities, to focus on operations.

Interested to book your virtual office? Download the BDD App today on Google Play and App Store or visit our website to learn more about the different packages or get in touch with our team.

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on October 15, 2020

by Beirut Digital District