Why Recycle Now?

The garbage crisis in Lebanon has been an ongoing issue for years now, and it is heartbreaking to see the negative impact it has on the environment and on its community.

BDD recognizes the importance of taking action and being part of the solution. As the tech cluster is a core part of the capital’s digital and creative community, BDD has a responsibility to raise awareness and encourage positive behaviors such as sorting and recycling. We believe that small actions can lead to significant change, and we hope that our efforts will inspire community members to do the same in their homes.

Our team is committed to promoting environmental consciousness. With the support of our 3500+ community members and 150+ companies, we believe that we can make a real difference.

Recycling Program Launches At BDD, Community Invited To Take Part

We share the same planet, and so, we have an individual and collective responsibility to safeguard it, by doing our part. As part of BDD’s sustainability goals, a recycling program has launched on the campus.

How it works and what you can do

BDD is encouraging everyone in the community to take part, including members and companies. Accordingly, companies will have their own recycling bins inside their offices. Recyclable waste will be collected on a weekly or biweekly basis by the BDD team and placed in the central bin. The waste does not need to be sorted.

Every night, a Live love Recycle truck will pass by and empty the central bin located in one of BDD’s parking lots. Everything from plastic, cans, paper and glass can be placed in the recycling bins, and will be sorted by the Live Love team. Disposed items should not include any organic waste (such as food).

Community members can also bring their recyclable items from home and dispose of them, while collecting points through the Live Love Recycle App. What’s more, a competition between companies will start as of next year, to assess who recycles the most per capita. Prizes will be granted based on the weight.

Recycling with an artistic twist

To make it more engaging, a BDD community member, graphic designer and illustrator, Chimene Zouki, was commissioned to paint the central recycling bin located in one of BDD’s parking lots. Check it out on your lunch break!

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