Why Is Lebanon A Leading Global Outsourcing Hub?

Lebanon is a unique country, we can all agree on that. From the sights and sounds, flavors and music, to the seemingly organized chaos that exists on every street corner. There is never a dull day in the country. Both locals and tourists can concur. However, there is an underlying factor that many overlook, which makes the country and its people so unique. With all the stressors, lack of infrastructure, and disorder, the Lebanese people have become one of the most adaptable in the world. So how does this tie into outsourcing?

By serving global markets and clients from Lebanon, we have the chance to place the country’s talent on the world map. And the talent is impressive – hence human capital being the biggest export from Lebanon (this is not an official statistic). On the other hand, the talent that remains is relentless and willing to make it work no matter what. This factor ensures that Lebanese companies, freelancers and professionals go above and beyond to deliver, no matter the dire circumstances they are enduring locally.

The organized chaos, where a simple task can require 30 unrelated steps before being completed, allows for the mind to find ways to reach efficient and effective solutions. We see this amongst Lebanese… who never say something can’t be done. This steadfast approach allows for a solution-oriented mindset to grow and be of benefit to others. In Lebanon, there is always an answer, and you can rely on the talent here to find it for you.

Lebanon is also primed to be a leading outsourcing hub because of the level of education that exists here. When nothing is provided to you (at least not easily), local talent work harder on themselves, to grow, learn and ensure they are up to speed with international standards. According to the World Economic Forum, Lebanon ranks 4th best globally, for its math and science education, and 10th for overall quality of education. Whilst these rankings may have dipped due to the events over the past few years, the educational systems are still impressive and thriving.

Of course, the high literacy rates, and the majority of the population being fluent in not one, but two or three languages, allows for greater opportunities to service different countries and cultures. On that note, given the vast Diaspora of Lebanese, the population is exposed to different cultures and traditions from early on. Hence, the heightened level of understanding and adaptability to diverse business settings.

Whilst the news is not always good, and the country and its people face a myriad of challenges daily, the companies and professionals that are committed to staying in Lebanon, are impressive. They choose to stay despite the chaos, because they believe in their skillsets and in their country. They are channeling these two strengths, to revive Lebanon and its economy. And they are thriving thus far.

BDD’s community of businesses and NGOs has been budding over the past year, with more and more bright and talented professionals taking up offices and desks to work – many of which with international markets. We see this around BDD and in different parts of the country.

So for international companies seeking to outsource core functions or projects to talented professionals in the creative, digital or service sectors, look at Lebanon. We can assure you that despite the headlines about Lebanon on mainstream media, the country is thriving with solution-oriented, adaptable and efficient talent.

Ceem Haidar is the Founder and Managing Director of -ment, a strategic communication consultancy based in Lebanon.

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