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OLX Lebanon has been innovating in the realm of ecommerce since its founding. From classified ads to car transactions, today, the team has expanded to offer users a completely new experience. Tied to the transformations over the past year and the growing need for optimized and convenient ecommerce services, OLX Lebanon is committed to continually innovate in order to serve its clients.

BDD sat with the OLX Store team to discuss their new platform, OLX Store.

BDD: Let’s start with the latest developments at OLX Lebanon. What’s new?

OLX: As an addition to our existing OLX Classifieds platform, we recently launched OLX Store, a new ecommerce platform. It offers online shoppers the opportunity to browse and select products from a wide variety of brand-new items in 14 categories including electronics, home and kitchen appliances, computers, sports equipment and more. This platform offers an end-to-end ecommerce experience whereby buyers can select their items and get them delivered to their doorstep from the comfort of their homes.

BDD: How is OLX Store different from the OLX we know?

OLX: OLX Store is a new platform by OLX. They are 2 separate platforms serving completely different experiences. On the one hand, OLX is our classifieds app, where you can buy and sell new and second-hand items including properties, vehicles, goods, and post jobs and services. On this app, you can directly contact the seller to negotiate and purchase the item of your choice. On the other hand, the OLX Store is an ecommerce website on which you can select items from a variety of categories, add them to your cart, and order them to your doorstep. We truly believe in the complementarity of these platforms as each of them answers a different need.

BDD: From your experience, what are consumers’ needs when it comes to ecommerce?

OLX: Based on the behavior we see today in our market and across many markets, we noticed an increasing need for convenience and simplicity. With the challenges faced by people on a daily basis, it is important to facilitate the process of shopping. The idea of having items you want coming to you is always attractive, combine that with flexibility and transparency, and the recipe is perfected.

BDD: There are a growing number of ecommerce businesses in Lebanon, how do you differentiate yourself?

OLX: While every ecommerce platform has their value, we believe we are offering an experience like no other with a wide variety of items and options; there is something for everyone. We offer cash on delivery, deliver all over Lebanon and most importantly, our customer care is available 24/7.

BDD: How important is it to be located in and have a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lebanon, to succeed?

OLX: Living and working in the tech scene and being located in BDD is a very important factor for success. Being aware of all the new and innovative ideas from neighboring companies is something we don’t only enjoy, but also benefit from. The community allows us to be in different spirits, a very positive bubble, which allows us to thrive better; this keeps us moving.

BDD: What advice can you give to other ecommerce businesses setting up in Lebanon on how to overcome the challenges?

OLX: We would tell them not to be discouraged by the situation. There is so much potential in Lebanon and especially when it comes to ecommerce and any online business. The Lebanese people are known for their adaptability; they will jump onboard the train and eventually, things will pick up.

BDD: So how do we start shopping?

OLX: The store can be accessed in two ways: either from web (mobile or desktop) on store.olx.com.lb or by visiting OLX Arabia app and tapping on the OLX Store banner.

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