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Finally a curated fashion platform has come onto the scene and disrupted how the fashion world has long operated. Lemonade Fashion was founded to close a gap in the fashion market, and deliver made to measure, bespoke styles to both men and women. The platform showcases the designs of local designers, and delivers customized garments and accessories to its growing user base.

BDD’s team virtually sat with Lemonade Fashion’s (LF) founders, to discuss what drives them forward and the platform’s value proposition for both clients and designers.

BDD: Firstly, why was Lemonade Fashion founded?

LF: At Lemonade, we love fashion, but we believe that fashion can do better. From this starting point, we believe that Fashion should fit, support independent and emerging designers, be cruel free, and generate no waste.

BDD: What is the mission that drives you forward?

LF: Today, mass-production and big brands are killing the planet and monopolizing the fashion industry. Lemonade Fashion’s mission is to decentralize the fashion industry and to make it more inclusive.

We believe every person has the right to have access to quality fashion that fits them no matter their body type, without having to pay excessive premiums. With the right resources and partners, independent designers will revolutionize and positively disrupt the fashion industry. And so, Lemonade Fashion was founded as a marketplace that recruits and connects emerging and independent designers (both in local and global markets) to clients who need to feel unique, stand out, and fit in made-to-measure outfits from the comfort of their homes.

BDD: How receptive have Lebanese designers been to Lemonade Fashion?

LF: Lemonade Fashion is home to some of the best local and global designers. We have more than 100 local brands using the platform to sell online, elevate their brand image, create more brand recognition and scale to international markets.

BDD: What do you offer designers that other platforms do not?

LF: Lemonade Fashion is a curated platform. We handpick the designers, handle the photoshoots, the content creation, the product placement, the logistics and the payment processing. We allow the designers to do what they do best, which is designing and tailoring, while our platform handles the rest. We also remove the risk when designers join the platform, as we do not charge them subscription fees or monthly payments. Instead, Lemonade Fashion only takes a commission when we sell their products.

BDD: How integral is the made-to-measure approach you offer?

LF: More than 50% of outfits ordered online are returned due to a poor fit. Lemonade Fashion’s Made-to-Measure offering has reduced it to 8%.

BDD: What are your expansion plans in the near future?

LF: We are currently working on new designer portals that allow designers to better manage their stock and inventory, as well as developing the marketplace app. We have a couple of R&D projects in the pipeline from new made-to-measure technologies to AI based stylists that will shock the industry.

Check out the range of designers and outfits on Lemonade Fashion here.

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