Father’s Day is approaching on June 21, and with all that is happening in Lebanon, we wondered what the perfect gift could be. We did one better. Here are 12 really practical gift ideas for your dads.

  1. Apply for the COVID-19 vaccine and take him to the appointment (and actually wait for him there)
  2. Offer to take his car to fill up gas for him, and you wait in line
  3. Create a Facebook / Instagram account for him, so he stays up to date with his friends / family‘bil ghirbeh’(abroad)
  4. Drive up to the village with him, and actually sit with the family (remember to smile, and do this after step 2)
  5. Try to explain the economic crisis and the 7 different currencies / capital control laws to him, or ask for his opinion on the matter
  6. Compile the most memorable moments captured in photos and videos, and have a screening night (recommended between 6.02pm and 11.59pm to avoid power cuts)
  7. Tell him you will finally fulfill his dream for you and you will become a Doctor / Engineer / Astronaut
  8. If you are abroad, send over fresh Dollars so he buys himself a gift
  9. Scout every single pharmacy to collect the medicine supply he needs (make sure to keep some for others), or ask a friend to get them from abroad
  10. If you’re single, tell him you will commit soon. If you’re married, tell him to expect a new grandchild soon
  11. Offer to cut his hair or shave his beard, provided you are over 25, have a steady hand and can use scissors. If not, hairdressers are highly recommended
  12. Finally, do that thing that he has been nagging you to do for years… you know what it is

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, doing their best to keep it together despite the odds.

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