What To Look For When Choosing The Right Coworking Space

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Remote and hybrid working models have become the norm for many professionals on a global scale. Whilst it does have its many perks, such as saving on the commutes to and from work, time efficiencies with virtual meetings and better work / life balance, there are a few drawbacks. Professionals can feel a sense of loneliness working from home, have limited networking opportunities with like-minded people and many have lost the community feel, that they thrived in.

The solution? A coworking space, that offers the flexibility, perks and sense of community, when you need it.

However, not every coworking space caters to all kinds of professionals. The key is finding the space that suits you and your business needs best. Here is a short guide to choose the right coworking community for you.

  • Location, location, location: If you’re benefiting from skipping morning and evening commutes and saving on gas, choose a coworking space that is a short walk, bike ride or drive away from your home and from your clients’ offices. BDD is in central Beirut, accessible to all main surrounding areas and parkings, for seamless experiences. It’s also an ideal location to host meetings of all sizes.
  • Amenities: Beyond the desk or office space, discover the amenities that the coworking space offers. From proper maintenance and support, to nearby venues where you can grab a quick coffee or lunch from. BDD has been designed with comfort in mind, where all amenities are accessible from the App. The team also extends business support to freelancers and companies, to facilitate all aspects of professional life. Moreover, a few perks are added to the packages, such as all-day-long coffee and gym access to name a few. What else does BDD offer? A lot more, here.
  • Cost: Saving on costs from one end and incurring high fees to rent a desk or office on the other end is not advisable. Look for a coworking space that offers its spaces for hire, at affordable rates. Also, make sure to look at the daily, weekly and monthly packages, based on your needs. Check out the daily, weekly and monthly passes at BDD, with numerous amenities included, here.
  • High speed internet: In Lebanon and beyond, slow internet connections can both cause frustration and make you look unprofessional. BDD prides itself on its resilient and reliable IT infrastructure, which includes High Speed Fiber Optics, 4G Broadband and free WiFi connectivity. Go on, test our internet speed!
  • Flexible spaces: With remote working arrangements, comes the need for more flexibility. Ensure that the coworking space you choose delivers on the flexibility front, for you to access the space throughout the day (and night).
  • The community: Last but not least, if the coworking space has a bunch of loud, uninteresting people roaming around, it is best to avoid it altogether and work from home. BDD’s community is comprised of like-minded individuals from various creative, marketing, coding, trading digital and tech-related disciplines amongst others, to ensure diversity of thoughts, ideas and backgrounds. The inspiring setting allows for rich networking opportunities, through the carefully crafted cluster. Professionals can easily interact and exchange competencies, create partnerships and establish synergies. Here are just some of the community members at BDD.
  • Practicality: When running a business, managing a team or delivering a project, there is little time to handle any issues that may arise, related to the coworking space. At BDD, the community of doers and fixers means that there is a helping hand one click or one step away. This feature of practicality supports companies and their teams focus on what’s important and leave the rest to the BDD team.

Whether you are spending a day, a whole month or a few hours every week… it is important that the coworking space you choose, mirrors your aspirations and satisfies your professional needs.

Explore what BDD has to offer, by visiting: https://beirutdigitaldistrict.com/coworking-space

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