Highlights from the Ecosystem

The situation in Lebanon over the past few years, has not been ideal to operate a business, and the setup is not for the faint-hearted. But the good news is that the struggle and extra layer of challenges provide entrepreneurs and business owners with steadfast attitude and the ability to plan all the way through from A to Z.

The entrepreneurial scene began thriving in Lebanon many years ago. In fact, the majority of businesses in Lebanon are born from an entrepreneurial spirit, creating a plethora of family businesses, SMEs and startups that are driving the country forward. To facilitate business operations, many private initiatives such as BDD have been set up, offering numerous benefits to companies located in Lebanon.

So what do entrepreneurs and business owners really need?

To focus on their business, customers and teams

The core need of every entrepreneur or business owner is to be able to focus on the company, its growth, its customer base and its teams. This can only be done if the foundation is stable, and can be built on. Unfortunately, the current foundation in Lebanon is quite shaky, due to the weak internet, the lengthy administrative processes to get paperwork or contracts done, as well as the ecosystem that is all suffering from the same issues.

How do we, at BDD, resolve these issues?

With this in mind, BDD was founded as an environment where entrepreneurs and business owners can thrive in. The ecosystem it has offered since it started welcoming tenants, aspiring startups and successful SMEs, is on of positivity and growth, the spirit of unwavering strength, despite the challenges.

BDD’s rich networking opportunities, through its carefully crafted cluster, allow companies to interact and exchange competencies, create partnerships and establish synergies.

Entrepreneurs need a strong network and ecosystem

Every entrepreneur or business owner is as strong as their network and surrounding ecosystem. At BDD, it is the network of companies, creative thinkers and digital gurus that create a thriving ecosystem, which never fails to inspire you. Every month, new companies move their teams to work from BDD, to be part of this ecosystem, to benefit from it, bounce ideas off of it, and be part of a grander vision.

Business owners need proper infrastructure

The good news is the internet all over the world has been choppy over the past year, given the number of people working, socializing and streaming remotely. In Lebanon, the internet wavers based on the weather condition or road works. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. BDD’s dedicated High Speed Fiber Optics, 4G Broadband and free Wifi, are accessible across the premises, in every corner of every garden, ensuring tenants are always able to get the work done. By creating a sustainable district, BDD has been designed with eco-friendly buildings, surrounded by open spaces. Move inside, and the offices are fully equipped with all the amenities needed, and powered by resource-efficient energy.

Entrepreneurs need administrative support

There are so many ways to save precious time that is wasted on administrative work and procedures to set up a company. These challenges were factored into the framework of BDD, with time-saving services available for every tenant. These services include the handling of payments, as well as the registration of businesses at the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Municipality of Beirut, Electricity of Lebanon (EDL), Ogero, EBML, NSSF and LibanPost. Moreover, the entire lifecycle of the company is tended to, with support functions starting from its establishment, legal matters, auditing and financial consulting at reduced rates.

In the end, where you work from and who you surround yourself will ultimately shape your professional life, as well as determine the success of your business. The winning formula is to be part of a thriving like-minded ecosystem, where everything is streamlined for you… only then can you focus on what matters – the business, its growth, its customers and its teams.

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