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This Valentine’s Day, let’s learn how to say ‘I love you’ in a different kind of way, and to show our appreciation to people that we may not often think of on February 14th. At BDD, we believe a little act of kindness can go a long way, and there are so many wonderful humans making a difference behind the scenes.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s start by showing love to:

  • Healthcare workers and doctors who have been working tirelessly for the past year to save lives. However, they are often not thanked enough for their efforts. So this Valentine’s Day, gift a healthcare worker, nurse or doctor, who has made a difference in your life or shown a bit of extra care to you and your loved ones. Even a personalized card with a small note, or an appreciation post online, can go a long way.
  • The NGOs and their teams who have been powering relief efforts and food drives in impoverished areas and helping families that need support. If there is an NGO you really admire, why not give them a shout out, or send them a donation to keep their efforts going.
  • With these dire circumstances, and as a result of the lockdown, many individuals and families living in Lebanon are in greater need for essential items. This Valentine’s day, you can support them through a food donation (check out FoodBlessed’s boxes or NokNok’s donation button) or by donating clothes and blankets, this winter.
  • Is there that one friend who has been very supportive this past year, or a friend who needs a little support? Show them your love with a little gift, or a card with heartfelt words. If you have trouble being creative, we have some gift ideas below.
  • Perhaps the ones suffering the most this past year, are parents who worry and care without expecting anything in return. Show your mom or dad that you love them and appreciate them, by surprising them with a little gift this Valentine’s Day.

What to gift them this Valentine’s Day

We are committed to shop local and support Lebanese brands. There are so many gift ideas and small gestures that you can do, to show you care – all within a reasonable budget. Check them out here:

  • Lemonade Fashion has made-to-measure clothes and accessories, for both men and women. The great thing is that they are all Lebanese designers. Check out the collections.
  • With the lockdown in full swing, a comfortable yet stylish outfit is exactly what a loved one needs. Check the Rush and Reez collection out, with so many different colors and styles to choose from.
  • Cook them a nice dinner, using Nicolas Audi’s frozen meals. They are great for a simple and easy dinner, and taste exquisite (they can be ordered on Toters and Noknok).
  • Keep their feet warm with a pair of comedic socks. The two brands we love are Sikasok and Kalse.
  • Boshies’ sweatshirt with the word ‘love’ in Arabic written on the front, can send your message loud and clear, and keep them warm and stylish.
  • Buy them a card with a personalized message from Mukagraf
  • Browse the selection of fashion and home décor items on Lebelik’s Valentine’s day gift section
  • Luanatic’s range of products from funky phone covers, posters and puzzles to keychains are the perfect gift idea with a hint of Lebanon
  • Gift them a ‘mood box’ with hair, nail and skin care items from Potion Kitchen

This Valentine’s Day, spread the love to everyone you care for and appreciate in your life… most importantly, stay home, stay safe and order online.

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