Tips To Stay Safe And Healthy During A Pandemic

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The question on everyone’s mind is “when with the COVID-19 pandemic end?” No one has the answer and speculations range from one month to five years from now. In Lebanon, every other person seems to be infected (not quite what we had in mind for starting the year on a positive note). So, until the infection rates subside and the rates of hospitalization dramatically decrease (down to zero), staying safe and healthy should be everyone’s priority.

Here are food and lifestyle tips to keep you in good shape, physically and mentally, during the pandemic:

Watch what you eat and drink

Pandemic or not, adopting a healthier lifestyle in terms of food intake is recommended. Meals should be centered on lean proteins and whole grains, as well as fruits and vegetables. The Mediterranean diet has once again been voted the best globally (read more on CNN), which is great for those living in the region. Lebanese cuisine has so many healthy mouth-watering options to choose from. Cut down on the consumption of food and drink that could create imbalances in your system, such as sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Treat yourself, but only on occasion.

Get moving

With either forced lockdowns or self-imposed isolation, we are leaning towards living more sedentary lifestyles. The group classes, trips to the gym or going to the office are no longer part of daily life for many. That is not to mention virtual everything, from education to meetings and shopping, which has prohibited us from living active lifestyles. However, there is good news that requires a bit of self-discipline and motivation. You can choose to stay fit in the comfort of your home, by exercising with guided Apps, Youtube videos our safe outdoors walks.

Sleep to reenergize

Sleep is essential for overall health and wellbeing. In fact, not getting enough sleep can suppress your immune system, make you feel sluggish the next day and impact your concentration and productivity levels. Try getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. And if you are struggling, there are hundreds of guided sleep meditations and music to send you off into a deep slumber.

Clear your mind

Keeping the mind calm and stress-free should be a top priority. The pandemic has resulted in greater levels of anxiety and fear which are unhealthy for the human body. Meditation is a great place to start (even if it just for 5 minutes a day), to clear your mind. Relaxation time is also recommended to unwind. And of course, quality time with family members and friends (in very small groups), provided everyone is safe and negative (the good kind of negative).

Interact with caution

That invite to a small house party may be tempting. A great night at a pub or club may also be just want you need to unwind. But just think of the amount of cases that emerged from these settings over the past month, and then assess if it is worth it. It is our shared responsibility to keep ourselves and those we love safe, to limit the spread of the virus.

Until then, you know the drill… wash your hands, wear your mask, and socially distance.

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