Tips To Stay Active During Long Workdays

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Sitting behind a screen for long stretches can take its toll on the body and mind. With virtual calls lined up, and emails trying to find you well throughout the day, there are still ways in which you can remain active, even during the idlest of workdays. Here are a few tips to keep you fit.

Start with how you commute to work

When the weather is nice, find a more active way to get to work. You can choose to bike to work, if you live nearby, or even opt to walk. If that is not an option, park your car a bit further away from your office, to get at least a few minutes of movement in there, before settling at your desk.

Get moving, deliberately

Set an alarm every 45 minutes to one hour, to remind you to get up and walk around the office, or get a glass of water. This can help alleviate any pressure on your shoulders, neck, lower back and glutes that are most impacted by sitting for long periods of time.

Go for a coffee run

If there is a nearby café, ask your team what type of coffee they would like, and volunteer to go and get it. This helps break the work cycle and gives you a fresh perspective before returning to that presentation or email.

Walk or stand during meetings

Thankfully, meetings have gotten a bit more efficient with the advent of COVID and all that followed. However, research has shown that meetings can be even more efficient if you do them standing or walking. This allows for team members to get right to their point, and also incorporates some physical movement as you cross off items on the agenda. Standing desks for virtual calls are also growing in popularity. Find a high table you can use to keep you on your feet.


Make it a point to stretch at your deck, to release any tension that has crept up on you from hovering over your laptop. You can stretch your upper body and lower body without having to make a scene in the office. Here are a few desk stretches to get you started: Link

Set a movement goal every day

Set goals related to any deliberate movement or exercises that you want to complete every day. Having a smart watch can help you keep track of your steps. Keep a notepad next to you, where you tick off any type of movement you manage to complete. Perhaps 15 squats every hour, or after every task completed, could be a good place to start.

Take the stairs

One of the simplest ways to get active, is to take the stairs. Whilst the elevator may seem like the easiest way to get your office, taking the stairs can help you gain muscle strength and burn calories. Just remember to pace yourself, to not run out of breath.

Sign up for a class at BDD

The BDD Community is all about social wellbeing. Sign up for a class before or after work at BDD, to get you moving. Here is the schedule for weekly classes. Go ahead, try something new out!

Motivating yourself to stay active during workdays needs a little effort. We’re here to encourage you to take a step in any direction and get fit while you work.

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