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Have you ever had a really productive day because the space inspired you? And perhaps you have had a few bad days, when there was too much noise to concentrate, or the space was not comfortable enough. This is no coincidence. In fact, the more comfortable, well lit, customized and energized the workspace, the more productive you are.

However, no two people are alike. Walk past any desk in any given office, and chances are, they all look a bit different. The way each person customizes their space, is based on their preference, and has an impact on their productivity.

Here are tips to boost your productivity at your chosen workspace:

Schedule mental breaks

Segmenting working hours throughout the day, and complementing it with mental breaks or periods of rest is vital. Sitting behind your computer the entire day will allow little room for inspiration or productivity. In fact, it can have an adverse effect, strain your eyesight and weaken your posture. Monitor the stretch of time that you can concentrate best at (30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour?) and schedule breaks at the end of each work session. Go for a stroll in the garden, make yourself a coffee or walk around the office. Movement is necessary to give your mind a rest.

Happiness inspires efficiency

Offices and workplaces don’t need to have everything in one place, to allow team members to become more efficient. In fact, it is company culture and happiness levels that actually boost efficiency. To ensure your workspace inspires you and instills comfort, make sure you choose a space that you can personalize, that offers you a sense of wellbeing, and that team members share the same drive as you.

Know which distractions dampen your productivity

Professionals thrive in different surroundings. Some can work with a lot of noise, others are glued to their headsets and some need peace and quiet to focus. Find out what distracts you the most, whether it is chatter, sounds emanating from the streets or recurrent interruptions throughout the day. Then design your own workspace to avoid distractions. This is important to keep your stress levels at bay and allow you to concentrate on important tasks.

Choose a comfortable chair

Many workspaces come fitted with desk chairs that may not be the most comfortable. Choose the most flexible chair, to customize it to your liking. Adjust the chair’s back, or buy yourself an ergonomic pillow, to support your posture and lessen the burden on your lower back.  Your chair height should be based on your desk and where your laptop is placed.

Organize to thrive

The way you organize your desk is a personal matter. Are you more into a minimalist design, with no clutter? Or do you enjoy having piles of documents, supplies and memorabilia around you? Experts point out that having a clear desk, free from clutter, allows you to think clearly and be more productive. Only place what you need on your desk.

Color coding

The psychology of color has long been studied in science. The colors that surround you at your workspace could have a direct impact on your productivity levels. Red is known to tire the eyes after a long period of time, to best to only have hints of red around you. Green on the other hand, promotes balance and is easier on the eye. Blue can stimulate concentration, but the wrong shade can make a workplace seem cold. Hues of orange and yellow can light up a space and inspire you, but evoke unsettling feelings. The tip is to have a clean white workspace, then add hints of color through art pieces.

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