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If you are a freelancer, agency or professional working in Lebanon and are seeking global opportunities, visit the Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative and set up your profile today. Just launched by B.O.T, the Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative is an optimized directory that connects Lebanese experts, including freelancers, agencies and companies, to global organizations and professionals seeking specialized services (Check out the global campaign).

Given that the economic downturn in Lebanon has deeply impacted numerous job sectors and the country as a whole, the initiative seeks to contribute to creating more freelancing opportunities, through outsourcing. With unemployment rates on the rise and job opportunities becoming more scarce, what better place to turn to than the international market.

In this regard, the Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative will link global companies to professionals in the digital, technology, creative and finance fields, to successfully outsource their core projects, which will in turn, contribute to enhance both the economic and social landscape of Lebanon.

Why outsource to Lebanon? And what opportunities await?

The initiative is part of the global transformations that the world has undergone over the past year, with remote work becoming the norm, and cost optimization and digitalization continuing to be on the top of every corporate agenda. Outsourcing has now become a strategic priority for many global companies (read why outsourcing can help you scale here).

By presenting the outsourcing capabilities of Lebanon to the world, professionals and businesses globally can benefit from accessing a highly-skilled talent pool, in creative, HR, finance, digital, software, data services and web and app development sectors, amongst others (read about the skills you need for the future, here). Through the platform, companies will be able tap into a network of high-quality service providers based in Lebanon, to benefit from price competitive rates.

Developed by B.O.T, the Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative is fueled by the ultimate goal of strengthening Lebanon’s positioning on the global map, as a nation of talent that can be shared internationally.

As a result, international organizations can outsource to some of the brightest minds here in Lebanon, and freelancers, companies and agencies, known for their can-do results-oriented attitude and multilingual capabilities, can benefit.

To part of the Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative, you can:

  1. Register and explore international opportunities here
  2. Spread the word across your networks and social media: Instagram & Facebook
  3. And contact the Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative to learn more, here

Together, through our networks, amongst our friends, and our colleagues internationally, we can make an impact.

Calling all freelancers, agencies and professionals working in Lebanon, seeking global opportunities, the Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative has just launched
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