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Virtual offices offer companies many benefits, without the costs of running a traditional office space. With remote working becoming the norm, having a Virtual Office at BDD has even more perks, being at the center of the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lebanon. Explore them here:

Work from anywhere in the world

With a virtual office, you can continue to work from anywhere in the world, including another country or by the beach. By setting up a virtual office in the heart of Beirut, all your logistic requirements are taken care of.

It’s more professional & credible

Not having a physical office address can impact your credibility. Having an office address at a prestigious and centrally located address such as BDD, adds a hint of professionalism to your company’s image.

Tap into the Lebanese talent network

By being virtually located in BDD, you gain access to the entire community, its members and its services. So if you require creative, digital or support services, they are a click of a button away. In addition, when you have a virtual office, you can hire professionals in Lebanon and expand your talent pool.

A physical space when you need one

Should you decide to work from Beirut or host guests in a professional setting, you can access BDD’s state-of-the-art meeting rooms and event spaces at 50% off. The spaces are fully equipped with a fiber optics internet connection and all the technology required to power meetings or events.

Mail forwarding to a physical address

Waiting for mail to arrive? BDD’s virtual offices come with a P.O.Box number for seamless mail forwarding. Your mail can even be delivered to you, upon your request.

Cost effective, without long-term commitments

When booking your virtual office at BDD, you benefit from having your business located in a prestigious address, without the high overhead costs. The contracts are renewable upon need, and are customizable based on the requirements of the company.

So what do BDD’s Virtual Offices in Beirut include?

For companies and entrepreneurs, BDD offers the full virtual office setup, at a fraction of the fees. Virtual offices at BDD include:

  • A central address in Beirut
  • PO Box number for mail forwarding, along with the delivery of mail (if required)
  • Contracts and paperwork for the registration of new companies
  • A 50% discount on meeting room and event space rentals
  • Access to the BDD community

View the virtual office options at BDD here to learn more, or touch to learn more, here.

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