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For aspiring professionals on the search for career opportunities, the market may seem small and the opportunities scarce. However, every day new job postings are uploaded online, and companies in Lebanon and abroad are on the search for qualified candidates.

Here are tips to make yourself stand out…

When applying on job portals

Career opportunities on job portals are viewed by thousands of individuals, and hundreds of candidates apply to the same position. To make yourself stand out, do the following:

  • Fill out all the details on the application (the more you add, the better)
  • Add fields and keywords that can help recruiters identify you, and areas of interest in your career (this optimizes tagging, and your profile will appear more in searches / tracking systems)
  • Tailor your cover letter and job application based on the job description and position you are applying to. This will allow you to customize your previous experience and objective, to suit the role
  • Don’t underestimate your online profile and invest time in building it. By strengthening your online presence you will appear more in searches, even for future positions
  • Always keep your LinkedIn page up to date, and link it in the application form
  • If you’re applying for a creative job, showcase your creativity through the application or your CV
  • Apply only to jobs you actually want, as recruiters can track all positions you have applied for
  • Create job alerts and add the keywords for jobs you are looking for
  • Make sure info of job application matches your CV

When updating your CV

Recruiters receive hundreds of CVs a day, and spend only a few seconds viewing each one. What catches a recruiter’s eye is the way the CV is formatted, keywords or buzzwords and relevant experience. However, many candidates do not spend enough time enhancing their CVs, which ultimately serve as a gateway to tap into future opportunities. When updating your CV, ensure you have covered the following:

  • Format and present your CV in an eye-catching way that is clear and structured and consistent
  • Tailor your career objective to suit the position you are applying to. Extract keywords from the job description and include them
  • Then customize the CV based on the job you are applying to. Integrate relevant experience that fits the profile companies are searching for
  • Use positive and assertive language when detailing your work experience. Include words such as ‘developed’, ‘managed’, ‘organized’ and ‘achieved’
  • Describe accomplishments instead of responsibilities by showing qualitative and quantitative results
  • The first place a recruiter’s eye drifts is on the first page, in the upper middle area. Make sure key information is included.
  • Ensure you include your personal and contact information on top, previous work experience, education and certifications, relevant skills for the job you are applying to and interests
  • Try to keep it as concise as possible, under one A4 page
  • Spell check your CV. Spelling mistakes portray a lack of professionalism
  • Let go of things you have accomplished that are outdated and don’t serve your case/career

If you are unsure if your CV is presented in the right way, ask a friend to take a look and continually find ways to enhance it.

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