Lebanese Startups Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution

With the emergence of many technological breakthroughs in AI, IoT, autonomous vehicles… the fourth industrial revolution is quickly taking shape. That is why, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) have partnered up to select the top 100 startups leading the effort in shaping this technological revolution.

The point is to help these startups by enticing investors, business leaders and policy makers to recognize them and provide the adequate support.

From a local perspective, Lebanese startups are driven by extremely talented individuals and boast huge potential. According to the GEM report featured on Forbes and unveiled by the UK Lebanon Tech Hub & the British Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon ranked highest in the MENA region for early stage entrepreneurial activity!

That’s why it was no surprise when many startups from Lebanon were selected in the top 100, and we are extremely proud to see 6 startups from within our community among them! Big congratulations to HedgeguardKirontechMoodfitProximieSpike & Synkers for making it. They participated in the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa in Jordan, on April 6-7.

Check out what these startups do below:

  • Hedgeguard: A fintech catering to hedge funds and family offices. HedgeGuard offers a complete Front-to-Back portfolio management platform, with middle-office outsourcing capabilities
  • Kirontech: Kirontech uses cutting edge machine learning technology to revolutionize the use of healthcare data. They reveal patterns in data to derive maximum insight and full value from it
  • Moodfit: Moodfit is the first online interior design platform in the MENA region that offers a hassle-free online home furnishing and decoration service from carefully selected professional interior designers
  • Proximie: Proximie is an augmented reality platform that allows doctors to virtually transport themselves into any operating room to guide, train, and support other surgeons in real time
  • Spike: Spike is a mobile assistant that helps diabetics better manage their diabetes. Spike monitors the patient’s daily behavior and jumps in with reminders and tips when needed about insulin, food, activity, etc.. In addition to that, Spike stores the patient’s data for further analysis and/or sharing with doctors and caregivers
  • Synkers: Synkers is a peer-to-peer mobile app that connects students to highly qualified private tutors on the spot in 3 simple steps
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