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One of the key sectors that was heavily impacted by the repercussions of COVID-19, was education. The sector too, was also deeply underinvested in, and quality digital learning tools were seemingly scarce. Yet, global school closures to contain the spread of the pandemic found millions of children behind the screen, interacting virtually with their teachers and classmates. With the uncertainty that schools will reopen in the coming months, online learning and homeschooling continue to post themselves as the only option.

“Due to COVID-19, and with schools shifting to an e-learning approach, busy parents are now looking for private teachers to support their young children with e-learning and homework help,” shares Audrey Nakad, CEO of Synkers.

Synkers, the startup committed to deliver online learning solutions through tutoring, has been powering through the past few months and growing their offerings to cater to the market need. Driven by their mission to make quality education accessible to all, the company launched a free education initiative, entitled ‘I Won’t Stop Learning’.

“When we launched ‘I Won’t Stop Learning’, we offered free of charge live tutoring sessions with highly qualified mentors, to support high school students with Math, SAT, and English,” shares Nakad. “Through this initiative, we managed to support over 10,000 students in the GCC and Lebanon, and towards the end of the session, we saw an average increase of performance of around 60% in English, 46% in SAT and 39% in Math.”

Following the tragic blast in Beirut, as well as the numerous challenges that Lebanon and the region face, BDD asked Nakad if Synkers’ strategy has shifted in response.

“Our strategy is still the same. We are here to provide quality education at affordable rates and will continue to do so. The ‘I Won’t Stop Learning’ initiative helped us strengthen our presence in the GCC, allowing us to serve more than 1 market at a time.”

With growth on the horizon, tapping into new markets, Synkers is determined to deliver on their mission and raise the bar in education.

“We are and will always be a resilient Lebanese startup. Our aim is to support parents and learners as much as we can by providing quality education at affordable rates,” shares Nakad. “Yet, 2020 was a tough year for everyone. However, I believe my Lebanese roots allowed me to remain optimistic and keep striving for better days to come,” she adds.

To learn more about Synkers and the various customizable tutoring, visit: https://synkers.com/lb/en/home

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