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The traditional workplace is transforming, impacting the way we hire talent, where teams work from, how we communicate with them, and we deploy health management systems. As a result, employee engagement and productivity levels, are expected to take on a new form. Here are the forecasted technological and behavioral trends that will change the business world:

  • How we hire – HR strategies are being revised: The growing global tech talent gap, which has an estimated few million vacancies in key developing and developed markets, will need to be filled. Companies are now moving towards finding talent from the rise of the human cloud, sourcing talent on demand from talent platforms. Accordingly, HR strategies will need to adapt, to either hire talent based on digital skills needed for the future or upskill existent professionals.
  • Where we work: More and more professionals are moving out of the conventional office setup, and choosing to work in either cafes, coworking spaces or from home due to increased connectivity. Whilst companies may feel they have ‘less control’ over their team members, this isn’t always a bad thing. More comfortable work structures, as well as faster internet speeds (5G), will allow teams to be more innovative, when they choose where to work from. In addition, with the rise of the crowdsourcing and the Gig Economy, companies can source exceptional talent, on a freelance or part-time basis.
  • How we work & communicate with accuracy: Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, will change the dynamics of the workplace, increasing levels of productivity and engagement. If adopted efficiently, AR, AI and machine learning, will change the course of how work is carried out, automating many processes, and allowing teams to free up their time to focus on innovative and strategic ventures. With AI, companies can also increase accuracy and the risks / costs of forecasts. In addition, AI is being used to effectively communicate with team members in real-time, to cascade important messages through different forms.
  • How healthcare will take on a new life: The traditional approach to employee sick days and doctors’ visits are being revisited, with the rise of digitized healthcare companies and Apps. Companies are now working on preventive measures, to ensure health problems and rising stress levels are kept at bay. With newly devised digital health solutions, internal wellness programs and outdoor activities, teams can now be part of a healthier workplace.
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