How Socially Responsible Is Your Workplace?

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Social responsibility in the workplace is an integral part of business, in this day and age, to benefit society as a whole. Not only do socially responsible companies have better reputations, but they also tend to attract and retain top talent. From eco-friendly practices and responsible behavior, to health and safety programs, social responsibility frameworks have many advantages, both within and beyond the workplace.

Companies with social responsibility frameworks can encourage team members and other stakeholders, to have a positive impact on the world. With four main categories that businesses can focus on, which include the environment, philanthropic efforts, ethical practices and economic responsibility, businesses need to choose the pillars and programs most relevant to their company, industry and on a national level.

Is your company socially responsible?

We have outlined some factors to consider, when assessing how socially responsible your company is, and where there is room to improve:

A code of ethics to live by

When a business adheres to a code of ethics, numerous topics can be integrated, for leadership teams and employees to use as a guide. Take for example the values of the company, or its diversity and inclusion policies. The code of ethics should also include responsible business practices, along with goals and policies related to social and environmental issues.

Protecting the environment

Every business, along with its team, is responsible to protect the environment. Steps can be taken to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, from reducing power consumption, use of paper and having recycling models in place. These policies need to be based on the business model and operational structure, and factored into the core of the company.

In addition, team members can be engaged with organized activities to help safeguard the environment. Take for example the various socially responsible initiatives carried out by BDD, engage the cluster of companies and their teams within the community, with CSR efforts.

Enhancing mental and physical health

If team members are well looked after, with the right policies in place, their performance and productivity levels will increase. With quiet quitting and burnout rates on the rise, companies can instill socially responsible frameworks that support team members to have better work / life balance.

Selectively choose the causes you donate to

Philanthropic efforts are great, and can be integral part of social responsibility. However, choosing the causes that are most aligned with your organizational goals should be a top priority. Companies should choose to give back to organizations whose values are aligned with their own.

Be socially responsible, the way that suits you

Companies that are looking to either become more socially responsible, or enhance their existing policies, need to explore areas directly aligned with their business model. One size does not fit all, but the case of being more socially responsible is there.

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