How And Why To Start Outsourcing To Lebanon

Highlights from the Ecosystem

Lebanon’s biggest and most prized resource is perhaps its talent, who have proven to excel across different industries and markets. In Lebanon, thousands of talented individuals remain committed to placing their homeland on the map, through countless professional services, in the creative, technological and digital fields.

The challenges that Lebanese professionals endure on a daily basis have shaped them to work harder under pressure, delivering exceptional quality projects at competitive rates. The multilingual environment, working and thinking in English, Arabic and French, allows for Lebanese professionals to tap into a multitude of markets as well.  As a result, hundreds of international companies have started outsourcing to Lebanon, and this trend is expected to rise in the coming years.

For companies and professionals wondering how to tap into the Lebanese market and start outsourcing to Lebanon, here is a simple guide:

  • Know your needs: Companies looking to outsource should start by identifying the gaps within their organizations and where support is needed. Accordingly, the search for qualified talent in Lebanon – be it agencies, freelancers or servicing companies – can begin.
  • Research the options: Begin by researching online for talented professionals to work with. Then ask around for referrals and recommendations, for credibility purposes, and ask your network for an introduction.
  • Understand the market rates: Yes, due to the currency devaluation, Lebanon is a prime and affordable outsourcing market. Yet, try not to undercut standard market rates, and take advantage of the situation. Lebanese companies and talent are providing world-class services, and retaining top talent comes at a price. Negotiate what is fair.
  • Spread the word: If you are content with the level of work and services that Lebanese companies and professionals are offering, help spread the word. Recommend them to your network or leave a positive review.

The types of services that can be outsourced to Lebanon

Lebanese, in general, are known for their creative, solution-oriented streak. It’s innate and comes with experience when so many factors are working against them. With this in mind, outsource the following services to Lebanese agencies, freelancers and professionals: software development, digital marketing, legal functions, accounting, human resources, architecture, design, communication and translation.

Explore the BDD community for companies that can suit your outsourcing needs, or post the opening on to spread the word.

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