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10 years ago, coworking spaces were almost unheard of. Today, the concept of shared workspaces has grown in popularity, with numerous optimized coworking spaces popping up in cities globally. Coworking spaces are great for both small businesses, as well as freelancers, offering a flexible structure for people to network, tap into new opportunities, boost creativity and create a suitable work / life balance.

BDD’s coworking spaces have been buzzing with ideas, creative talents and thriving businesses since they were founded. The benefits to work from a coworking space outweigh those tied to traditional office setups.

Check out the 6 benefits of coworking spaces here and why you should consider working from one:

Network more

Traditional office setups typically only allow for professionals to mingle with the same people everyday. On the other hand, working from home brings the prospects of networking and bridging new connections, close to zero. With coworking spaces, more networking opportunities are a given, and connections can be made with a diverse, yet like-minded bunch of talents. An interesting conversation with someone may lead to your next big idea.

Boost productivity levels

This year, millions across the globe were forced into a work from home setup due to the pandemic. After a few odd months in lockdown, millennials were begging to get back to the office. The distractions that can arise at home are numerous, which can dampen productivity levels. However, with a dedicated space, that is fully serviced and optimized, productivity levels can increase, all while providing a sense of balance.

Find the perfect work / life balance

BDD’s motto is to provide a space where thriving talents can work, live and play. With hectic workdays and endless Zoom meetings, it is easy to lose the balance between the professional and personal realms. However, with ample amenities and a great crowd, just around the corner (literally), events, workouts and social connections can be fostered in a coworking space. In the end, life isn’t really all about work.

Save on costs

The best coworking spaces (and we think BDD is one of them), offer you an abundance of amenities and business services, in exchange for a monthly fee, that is budget-friendly. With several tiers of daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions, freelancers and companies can work from a comfortable coworking spaces, while keeping the costs at bay. For example, at BDD, professionals have access to high speed internet, business services, meeting room and event space rentals, and fitness classes.

Be in the center of it all

Location matters, but being at the center of the bustling entrepreneurial scene in Lebanon, matters even more. Easy access to BDD, and ample parking spaces, mean the commute to and from the coworking spaces in a simple feat. What’s more, events, networking opportunities, cafes, restaurants and shared spaces (both indoor and outdoor) at BDD, offer professionals a setup at the center of it all. Coworking spaces allow you to focus on the work and leave the rest to BDD.

So what are you waiting for? Explore the options at BDD here, or download the App on Google Play and App Store.

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