Ever Heard Of BDD And Wondered ‘What’s Happening In There’?

BDD launches latest campaign

Enter the world of BDD, and witness movement, conversations and inspiration flowing in every corner, garden and shared space. On each level of the growing digital and creative community, home to over 3,000 innovators, freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs, and more than 150 companies, there is always something happening.

To capture the energy of the community, BDD launched its latest campaign entitled “What’s Happening In There?”

So what’s the story behind it?

For years, BDD has served as a state-of-the-art hub, where business, opportunities and innovation are uninterrupted year round. Even during the uprisings and dire circumstances that Lebanon and its people have endured, BDD continued to open its doors for those eager to thrive.

Yet, beyond the structures and shared spaces, is a community of curious souls eager to build and grow in an environment where innovation booms and talents shine.  BDD’s community puts Lebanon on the global entrepreneurship map.

“When we designed the masterplan for BDD, we had a vision of a community that we hoped would aspire, dream and unite,” shares Mouhamad Rabah, CEO of BDD. “Years later, our expectations have been surpassed, and a thriving hub is growing in the heart of Beirut, thanks to the trust of the thousands of community members that bring the space to life every day,” he adds.

The campaign encourages the dreamers, aspiring professionals, hard-working freelancers and inspiring entrepreneurs to play an active role, and not just stay on the outside looking in.​ With customizable offices, hot desks, meeting rooms, event spaces and common areas, the seekers have a space to unite. The array of companies and organizations that call BDD home, are from diverse industries, including finance, education, fashion, healthtech, technology, and digital service providers to name a few. They range from startups and scale ups, to creative and tech servicing companies, VCs, multinational corporations and NGOs, as well as support organizations.

Beyond what meets the eye, there are stories of success and innovation, coming to life at BDD every day. From startups making it big, scale ups growing beyond borders and freelancers working for leading international organizations, there is always something happening. Take BDD community members such as Proximie, and Oreyeon, as examples of companies making an impact and innovating, on a global scale.

BDD is a place where people live, work and play. On each front, there is always something happening to bring the community together. At the gym or fitness classes, during happy hours or around the baby foot table. BDD also hosts over 900 events per year, big and small, including workshops, conferences and talks by world-renowned leaders.

The winning formula at BDD is captured in how the community members show up every day, spreading positive vibes that nurture a spirit of steadfastness and striving for greatness. The team behind BDD believe that that community engagement is the most effective and sustainable way to bring to bring about positive change.

Explore ‘What’s happening in there?’, check out the latest campaign here.

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