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A weekly football game, should be something players look forward to – not dread filling in the needed positions for, or setting a time that suits everyone involved. So when the idea of in2, a sports management platform came to life, it was these challenges that the founders sought to address in an automated, streamlined way… but for sports and fitness businesses.

BDD sat with Wael Azar (WA), Operations Manager at in2, to discuss the various challenges the App addresses, how COVID-19 impacted sports, and how the sports and fitness world is transforming through technology.

BDD: in2 was born from real-life challenges that you faced. Can you tell us a bit about them?

WA: We have all faced the challenge of finding an available field and dealing with last minute dropouts. In fact, 1 out of 3 games would get cancelled due to a lack of players, but there are hundreds of other interested players out there, with no way to reach them. The first version of the App was meant for people to organize their sports activities, but then it grew, to support sports businesses manage their resources and spaces efficiently.

BDD: So what are the benefits for the different stakeholders that in2 provides?

WA: As a complete ecosystem, in2 streamlines the entire organizational process for sports and fitness businesses, based on three main pillars: connectivity, automation and analytics. Through the App, businesses can reduce their overhead costs, eliminate human error, and keep everyone in the know, with features such as Customer Relationship Management, class management, appointment scheduling, court and room rental, inventory and stock management, and the like.

Through the App, we bring all parties under one roof. For example, trainers can manage their schedules and classes, customers can book and pay for classes and manage their packages. Through a single click and in real time, the world of fitness comes to life through snapshots, dashboards and reports, businesses can control their numbers, address problems instantly and enhance their strategic planning.

BDD: For every problem, an in2 solution… can you tell us more about the solutions you offer?

WA: For sports and fitness businesses, in2 seeks to address the various challenges, through automated, real time solutions, which include:

  • Efficient data flow between stakeholders, including administrators, team/operation leads, trainers, clubs and parents. This includes on-ground data collection, sharing of information across business units and data sharing.
  • Expansive reporting capabilities for faster decision-making, and heightened business intelligence.
  • Data security and controlled access to data.

We find ourselves in a highly digitized, data driven world – that few are making sense of. By automating organizational processes, owners and trainers can focus on providing higher quality services instead of wasting time on organizational and managerial matters.

BDD: How has COVID-19 disrupted the sports industry?

WA: In brief, the pandemic showed us how resilient the sports industry is. It increased our awareness over the importance of technology in this realm, and accelerated the progress of rising technologies. Within days of the first imposed lockdowns, gyms and studios started offering online classes over Zoom and other web conferencing tools. This allowed businesses to survive on one hand, and on the other, helped keep people healthy and sane in times where stress and depression rates skyrocketed. With online classes gaining more popularity, other forms of online classes such on demand pre-recorded workouts also gained momentum.

Now, with studios, gyms and academies partially open due to limited capacity, the awareness on capacity management also grew tremendously. What was previously considered a luxury tool, is now a necessity.

BDD: Who are you targeting with the App?

WA: The targeted ecosystem is diverse and can be continually added to. For example, we cater to all types of sports and fitness businesses, from sports academies (football, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, dance, swimming and others), to fitness, Pilates, and yoga centers, as well as personal trainers. The App also allows for bigger sports complexes and facilities to manage their spaces more efficiently.

BDD: In terms of markets, can you tell us a bit about the geographic coverage and reach of in2?

WA: Sports and fitness are universal, and any market can benefit from the App. From the Gulf region, to the UK, Greece and Cairo, to Montreal. Any market with sports and fitness facilities can streamline their operations, manage their spaces and provide an optimized customer experience, by using in2.

As a sports or fitness business or personal trainer seeking to stay connected with stakeholders, automate the entire experience, understand the data at hand and utilize it, download the in2 App from here and get started.

How has COVID-19 impacted the sports and fitness industry? Learn how in2, a sports management platform, automates the process for gyms, fitness facilities and personal trainers through...
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