The Chronicles of BDD

With a noticeable shift in office cultures globally, moving from predominantly corporate settings, to environments that provide team members with more freedom to explore, does where we work from really matter?

To answer this question, we turned inwards, and explored why BDD has been a success since its founding. We looked at international best practices and shifts in the workplace. We asked people within the community what really matters to them. And we found that professionals want to ‘Work, Live, Play’ in the same place…

So what really matters in your place of work?

  • A community spirit: Firstly, we found that people search for a community spirit that allows for creativity to thrive and provides enough room to innovate. In this regard, BDD was conceptualized as an ‘all-inclusive zone’, where people have access to facilities to work effectively, but also to enjoy their time, with the abundance of amenities and social activities offered. From free fitness classes to daily social activities, a community spirit is fostered across BDD.
  • Location, location, location: Having seamless access to and from your place of work matters, especially in a heavily congested city. Positioned in the Bachoura District, known as point 0 of Lebanon, BDD provides easy access to all parts of the city, with embedded parking lots across the development.
  • The need for connectivity: Fast internet speeds ensure efficiency and connectivity, especially for industries that depend on this. The 4G network, fiber optics, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure at BDD, allows users to be connected in their offices, desks or outdoors, for work to flow from one point to another.
  • Freedom to leave the desk: Being confined to a desk from morning till evening is a thing of the past. Allowing creativity to flow into different spaces has proven to fuel it further. At BDD, professionals can choose to work from their offices, eateries, cafes, open spaces and gardens and remain highly-connected.
  • Serviced to the last detail: Seeing that many official and work related procedures are not streamlined in Lebanon, a lot of time is wasted on getting things done. And so, as part of BDD’s community offerings, all Ministry of Finance, NSSF and human resource solutions are offered to tenants. In addition, cleaning, electricity and water issues are handled by the appointed management company… which leaves creative minds with more time to focus on what matters most… namely creativity.
  • Being at the center of it all: With a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lebanon, being in the center of it all to succeed is integral. What this translates into at BDD, is being close to the accelerators, VC funds and incubators, as well as mentors, to get the support needed to grow. It also means bouncing ideas off of other creative minds, to fuel professional journeys even further.

Join us to ‘Work, Live, Play’ at BDD, and tell us what matters most to you.

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