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A wise man, George*, was once heard saying, “There is so much to do in this world, you have no excuse to be bored.” And a wise woman, Anna*, once told her son, “The couch is not an option.” Today, with the imposed confinement and the couch being the most comfortable place to spend most of your day on, breaking the pattern might be a bit more difficult. But there is hope to stay sane, stay fit and stay engaged during confinement.

Firstly, let us reflect on what the confinement has taught most of us:

  • We magically have more time. But what are we doing with it?
  • We are working efficiently from home and have time to engage in other activities.
  • We started exploring new interests. Are we committed to turn them into hobbies?
  • We are either hooked on the internet or social media – which can be a waste of time. Are we finding interesting things to read? And keeping up with good news to brighten up our day?
  • We are catching up with friends virtually every day. Quality time has a new meaning.

However, for others, this confinement can bring with it boredom and feelings of hopelessness. So, we’ve compiled a list of engaging, fun and stimulating activities, Youtube channels, links and websites to visit.

For the fitness enthusiasts

Many local gyms and trainers have started providing their courses online. Support them in their journey by tuning in to the online courses. In case you need more inspiration, here are additional links:

For music lovers: online festivals

Arts & cultural activities

Things for your kids to do

Food & culinary passions

Mindful meditation

The same wise man and wise woman also said: “use your time wisely, to grow, self-develop and thrive. Make each day count, even in confinement.”

Stay sane, stay busy, stay fit.

* The identities of the wise man and wise woman have been changed to protect their privacy.

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