Budget Friendly Ways To Enjoy The Holidays And Spread The Christmas Cheer

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The upcoming holidays are a time to connect with loved ones, disconnect from work and spread the festive cheer. But there can also be a bit of pressure around the season, to do more, spend more or overindulge. We are here to remind you that there are many budget-friendly and healthy ways to enjoy the holidays.

Set your budget

Saying yes to one too many social occasions can leave you spending more than you intended, and can leave you drained if you do not take the time to rest and unwind in between. Set a spending budget for outings and stick to it – sometimes missing a dinner or party to relax isn’t such a bad idea.

When it comes to gifts, write down a list of all the people you want to buy presents for, then allocate a comfortable amount that you can spend. Sometimes a small gesture can go a long way… so try to avoid the overpriced items.

Stay healthy

Perhaps the region that so many diets begin (and then fail) in the New Year or on January 3, is because we tend to eat and drink in excess over the holiday period. Stay conscious of how much you consume and stick to healthy eating habits, to avoid any guilt later on.

And now it’s time to enjoy this festive time!

There are so many budget friendly activities for singles, families and friends. Here are a few to consider:

– Visit Christmas markets around town

– Check out the Christmas trees and decorations in different villages

– Have a game night at your place (check out Everythink for cool games)

– Sign up for a few dance classes and get your groove on

– Go for a walk around town when the weather permits

– Book an arts and crafts course and make something to take home or gift it to someone (check out Naïve by Emne)

– Take a group cooking class (check out Kitchen Lab)

Some gift ideas to get you started

We love local and so does everyone in Lebanon and abroad. Over the past few years, Lebanese brands have really pushed the envelope when it comes to creativity and fashion, and many have preserved local crafts. Here are some of our favorites for gift ideas:

– @lemonade.fashion – for a curated designer wardrobe uplift

 – LoubnanyBundles – for some inspiring Lebanese brands and products, straight from talented artisanal hands

– Al Fanar’s supported inspiring brands and labels, such as L’artisan du Liban, CBS World and Inaash

– Ecoswitch – make a donation in a loved one’s name based on different causes and themes that you support

– Atelier du Miel and and Mint Basil Market among other Lebanese food brands, always deliver on some mouthwatering goodness (make it a gift basket!)

– @thereadyhand – the page lists artisans all over Lebanon, with products ranging from candles to ceramics, to jewelry.

– @Bkerzay – the guesthouse has a beautiful pottery boutique, with so many items from plates, to cups to gift baskets, that would make the perfect under the tree

 – @luanatic – for Lebanese inspired gifts, from socks to tote bags and trinkets, this is the place to shop from

– @potionkitchen – the clean beauty brand has ideal gifts for both men and women, including products for hair, skin and body care

– @sikasok – for a cool pair of gimmicky and daring socks for every member of the family

We wish you a heartwarming season with loved ones, filled with kindness and happiness.

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