BDD’s Wellness Week Welcomes Relaxation To Community

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What do you do to relax and unwind? What does wellness mean to you? Are there any rituals or practices you resort to, to disconnect? This Wellness Week at BDD (from September 5 to 9), classes, tips and tools will be introduced and integrated into the community in dozens of big and little ways.

The intention is to remind you, BDD’s community members, to check in with yourselves, and gain tools to integrate wellness into your everyday lives.

Why is wellness important?

Mental and physical wellness are integral for individuals to live healthier, more productive lives. Alongside stress management, time management and taking much needed breaks, integrating wellness regimens into everyday life, can lead to happier communities overall. In the workplace, when wellness is prioritized, team members are less likely to take sick days off to recharge… and teams are more likely to be record higher levels of productivity. In addition, when wellness is on top of the agenda (for both companies and individuals), teams report higher concentration and retention rates, as well as heightened levels of creativity and focus.

The purpose of this week is to highlight the importance of wellbeing for individuals and serve as a reminder for everyone to take more conscious breaks… especially during these hectic and stressful times. A healthy mind and body always leads to healthier life in general.

What’s happening during BDD’s Wellness Week?

This week at BDD, all areas of wellness will be tapped into. From yoga to meditation sessions, sound healing practices, to workshops that provide insights on how to recharge and get a good night’s sleep… BDD has it covered. The week will come to a close with a gong bath ceremony, where the benefits of sound healing will be explored.

What’s more, a quiet room has been introduced at BDD 1075, where community members can find a safe space to relax during the day.

From a self-care perspective, Reign Beauty Salon will also be providing nail care and massages on-site, for some much needed pampering during a hectic workweek. The Glow Paradise will welcome guests at the BDD 1227 Piazza Garden, where the community can indulged in healthy, nourishing meals.

Wellness should extend beyond a week… we invite you to explore, relax and unwind with the activities that suit you best.

Check out the entire BDD Wellness Week schedule here.

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