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Gifting season is upon us and the search for the perfect gift sends us into extensive online browsing and hurried rampages around town. Despite the abundance of gift ideas, it still seems like a constant struggle to go outside the box, literally. They either have too much of one thing, or no apparent interests to complement with a gift.

So before you start thinking, here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Make a list, check it twice

Write down a list of every single person, loved one and child, that you need to buy a gift for this Christmas. An extra element, would be to add the budget range, so you’re not suddenly out of funds, come mid-December.

  1. Shop local

There are thousands of Lebanese businesses, artists and inventors that have exceptional products, but also, a lot of creativity. Shop local and contribute to the economy.

  1. Check online

Before going to the mall or store, check what Lebanese e-commerce sites are offering online. This way, you can skip the delivery and compare items and prices, to know exactly what gifts you want.

The perfect gifts for:

(We’ve hyperlinked the brands and stores!)

An entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have crazy schedules and over 100+ things on their to-do lists. They are typically passionate about their industry / sector, and have a grand vision that they won’t stop talking about. A little more organization, planning and drive won’t hurt, with:

  • The Kindle, something to keep their stack of inspirational books with them, on the go
  • Or go for a stack of bestselling books, aligned with their most recent challenge
  • An engraved notebook, something to keep their thoughts and big ideas, documented
  • A cool coffee maker or French press, sleepless nights need caffeinated company
  • An effective and organized backpack or laptop bag, that fits it all
  • massage voucher, for a needed break away from the desk
  • A neat fountain pen, to make each endeavor a bit more sophisticated

Tech enthusiasts

The tech enthusiast lives and breathes technology, typically found browsing online, to try and forecast future trends. Big on innovation and trying new things, the tech enthusiast needs practical things, like:

  • portable charger, to stay connected and wired
  • A smart watch, keep them even more connected and alert (just make sure you know what brand they like, and which brands they detest)
  • Tech-friendly touchscreen gloves, keeping them warm in winter, but still productive
  • A Bluetooth smart speaker, for the beats to keep playing


For health freaks, everything can and should be quantified. The number of steps. The total number of calories. The amount of chia seeds sprinkled on a home-made granola cereal bowl. Make life a little more convenient for them, while they are counting with:

Food galore

You know that saying, some people eat to live, and others live to eat? The foodie falls into the latter category, and typically documents every. single. meal. in pictures and online. How can you fuel their passion for food? Try these gifts:

  • An extra long, extra special cheese board, for the guests to gather and feast
  • A coffee table book on the culinary world, to deepen their understanding of their passion
  • A neat set of wine glasses, for fine home dining experiences
  • Cool coffee cups, for the guests to gather
  • A insulated trendy water bottle, to carry all types of liquids around

Here are a few more ideas from Lebanese businesses:

  • A gift basket of skincare and haircare goodies, from Feel22
  • A box of healthy, organic products, from Mint Basil Market
  • Charming and quirky socks, from Sikasok
  • A clutch that will never go out of style, from Sarah’s Bag
  • Oriental items for the home, from Orient 499
  • Everything for the little ones, gifts and more, from Mom It All
Gifting season is upon us and the search for the perfect gift sends us into extensive online browsing and hurried rampages around town. Here is BDD's ultimate gift guide, sorted by passion..
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