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Despite the turmoil that Lebanon and its people have endured in recent years, BDD, as a thriving creative and digital community has persevered. The success of BDD is its people, the entrepreneurs, innovators and inspired minds that are driven by their commitment to realize greatness – regardless of the odds stacked against them. As tenants and guests walk through and explore the community, one thing comes to mind – it offers an escape. Today, BDD is pleased to launch the “3alam Bi Dour Hawaleik” campaign.

What inspired the “3alam Bi Dour Hawaleik” campaign is simple. Given the ecosystem that BDD has created for its growing community of local and international business owners and their teams, freelancers and agencies, it is considered an ‘island’ of positivity and hope for thousands.

From this starting point, BDD’s team turned inwards and explored what really makes a community, and in turn Lebanon, thrive. The simple answer is its Human Capital. Lebanese talent are continually sought after locally and globally, and have assumed boundless positions in leading organizations, due to their skills.

In this regard, BDD is uniquely positioned to bridge the divide between companies seeking to recruit top talent, which is becoming growingly scarce. Local and global companies are facing challenges to attract, recruit and retain top talent, given that brain drain is very much prevalent. On the other end of the spectrum, talented individuals feel they are not maximizing their potential by staying in Lebanon. Accordingly, BDD has created a tech campus with numerous amenities, for both companies and professionals that believe in the potential of Lebanon to enjoy and thrive in.

Instead of companies taken on the responsibility to build these campuses for their teams, as global tech firms do, BDD has created it for them, with an abundance of learning opportunities through the BDD Academy, to fitness and wellness classes on the daily, and ample spaces to unwind and have some fun. BDD also offers vast networking opportunities, where leading international companies, budding local organizations and some of the brightest minds can meet. This culture of BDD has transcended into companies, and talents can feel they belong and stay in Lebanon, thus enhancing company cultures overall.

“It’s time to celebrate the people of Lebanon that have showcased so much determination to revive their country, through the sectors and industries which they apply themselves,” shares Ralph Khairallah, Chief Growth Officer at BDD. “We are in awe of the innovation, ideas, success stories and steadfast approach of talent in Lebanon, and we believe BDD is the place where everyone can come together and work towards a shared vision,” he adds.

Accordingly, this year, BDD is focusing on people, their wellbeing and needs. By attracting, recruiting and retaining talent, the aspiring minds of the country, from various backgrounds, sectors and fields, can be part of realizing the vision of Lebanon… from the heart of one community in Beirut.

Check out the campaign video

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