BDD & AstroLabs KSA sign MoU, Paving The Way For Startups Into KSA

Happenings at BDD

The Beirut Digital District has signed an agreement with AstroLabs KSA, a Launchpad for the highest potential tech startups.

The aim of BDD’s partnership with Astrolabs is to help the local community access to Saudi Arabian market, and facilitate the processes required for integration. The agreement entails that startups will receive a discounted rental space within AstroLabs KSA, as well as access to the Launchpad’s network of mentors and exports. Concurrently, startups registered within AstroLabs KSA, will benefit from discounted office spaces at BDD. Startups will also benefit from assistance in setting up their companies in Lebanon (admin, HR, Ministry works etc.) BDD will also facilitate the process for startups eyeing growth in the KSA market, through AstroLabs KSA.

“BDD is continually eyeing partnership opportunities, aligned with our vision and mission, to support startups and fuel their growth,” said Mouhamad Rabah, CEO of the Beirut Digital District. “Through our partnership with AstroLabs, both our networks will submerge, allowing Lebanese startups to access the KSA market, and benefit from the solid network which AstroLabs provides,” he added.

“We are very excited to work with Beirut Digital District, as this presents an opportunity for productive collaboration and ecosystem impact. This partnership will serve as a bridge for the tech-startups and digital entrepreneurs in both markets and it will allow the members of AstroLabs Riyadh and BDD to benefit from the network and the perks each of us offers. There are many creative tech startups in Lebanon that we would love to help expand their business to Saudi, and vice versa. This partnership will help AstroLabs achieve its mission of creating and thriving and digital economy in the region,” Mustafa Nabelsi, Country Director, AstroLabs KSA.

BDD is already collaborating with AstroLabs Dubai, since 2017. Alongside the benefits provided to startups, which include accessing networks, discounted office rates and access to workshops in Dubai, the agreement also allows startups at BDD to enroll in AstroLabs Academy classes online.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the BDD and AstroLabs ongoing collaboration.

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