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Mothers have a tough job. Raising children doesn’t come with a manual on how to instill values in children and nurture them. Let’s face it, being a mother is a full time job, that doesn’t even come with a promotion or benefits either. Working mothers have an ever tougher job, more so over the past year with online learning and remote working becoming the norm.

Just how do mothers do it? That is a secret that only they know. To every mother who has struggled, given beyond herself to her children, worked late evenings after the kids were put to sleep, this post is for you – an appreciation post for all your hard work, behind the scenes and in front of the screens. This Mother’s Day we celebrate you… but in reality, every day is your day.

To ease the lives of mothers, and show them your love this Mother’s Day, BDD’s gift guide is a little different this year. We have compiled gift ideas that help mothers plan, relax, take a break and have a little deserved fun. Gift your mother, sister, friend or wife, any mother that deserves to smile a little more on March 21. And remember, shop local.

  • A beautiful, colorful planner or notebook, with a personalized message, from PaperLemon, to organize her day, work deliverables, cooking schedules or simply, just to doodle
  • If her morning coffee is sacred, get her a Supermama coffee mug from Luanatic, big enough for much needed refills
  • Let her indulge and stimulate her senses with this gift box from Potion Kitchen, that includes a face clay mask, lip scrub, hair oils, essential oils and face serum
  • Whether it’s comfortable fashion during lockdown, while working from home, or a shoulder bag for when she is on the move, check out these handmade collections from Muftah Al Chark
  • To make the task of cooking or little snacks easier, stock up her pantry with local delights, from Mint Basil Market
  • Find a favorite picture of you and your mom, with the family, or her alone, and make it into a steel decorative item or book stop, for her home office or actual office, with Steelouette
  • Put a little bit of aromatic fragrance in her life, to get her energized or to simply feel good in her skin with Ideo Parfumers
  • If your mom is into handmade items, especially jewelry, check out Mimelle Handmade’s ‘mom’ necklace
  • For the love of local products, handmade items and delicious treats, Choose Lebanon has created a platform filled with Lebanese brands. Check out the gifts section with great ideas for Mother’s Day
  • How about a breathtaking hand-picked plant, in an eye-catching pot, for your mother’s office or to adorn the sitting area, from Opa
  • Mothers may dream of going on a picnic, either in nature or in a cozy home setting. If that’s the case, this perfect urban picnic basket from Aaliya’s Books would be ideal

To the stay at home mothers, the mothers working from the office, home, kitchen, living room, taking breaks from the kids in the bathroom, your strength keeps the world moving. Happy Mother’s Day!

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