The words fun and lockdown don’t go hand in hand. The words exciting and lockdown have nothing in common either. But there is a ray of hope, as an informal survey suggests. People are finding hundreds of free ways to create a more fun atmosphere at home (despite the gloomy weather), stay engaged and really connect with others. Many used to complain that they don’t have the time to do this or that. Well now, with an abundance of time during lockdown, make it count and make it fun.

Here are some 9 ideas from the community to get you started on the fun, today.

Top answer: Play board games

One answer after another pointed to board games as a fun activity to do during the lockdown. You can opt to go down the traditional route and bring out the Monopoly or Scrabble boards (which you can order online), or play typical Lebanese games (check out Le3beh 3a Krouteh and Everythink for some inspiration, that can be delivered home). No one to play with? Not a problem. Organize a game night with your closest friends online, and host a round of charades for some good laughs.

Getting organized and home DIY works

Getting organized and cleaning the house were strong second contenders from respondents. For many, organizing and cleaning can be a therapeutic activity (try it, it works). You can choose to declutter your closets or room, pantry or shared spaces. Anything you don’t need, can be sold or donated online. For what you do need and don’t use often, pack them in boxes and label them. You can even paint a room, or do some renovation works on parts of the house that need attention.

Connect, connect, connect

Have at least one catch up call, with friends or family, in Lebanon or abroad, planned for every night. Video calls make it more personal, and can help you feel more connected, even in isolation. Just a note, call friends and family members that uplift you, the ones you can have a good laugh with. And steer clear from the complainers – negative energy is not welcome at this point.

Channel your inner chef

The first lockdown inspired the Betty Crockers and Gordon Ramseys amongst friends and family to emerge, and display their talents on social media. Whilst the homemade creations have died down online, cooking is a great way to unwind and try out new things. There are so many recipes that are found online to try out. You can even challenge yourself a make a traditional Lebanese dish, and make your mother proud.

Mind stimulating activities

If you are looking to stimulate your mind, or share your thoughts and creativity with others, there are many activities that you can do. The first is recording a podcast on a topic that interests you, or interview your friends on different topics and post them online. You can also write that novel, play or short film you have always dreamed of. Or opt to start a blog, about anything and everything.

Keep your hands busy with puzzles and coloring books

A frequent response received when asked about fun activities during lockdown, is to do puzzles (alone or in groups) and color. Both activities have shown to stimulate the mind and calm it, by keeping you engaged on the task at hand. You can order both puzzles and coloring books online, or print out templates from the web and get creative.

Plan, even when it seems impossible

For a more fulfilling life, planning is required. What better time to reflect and turn inwards, than during a lockdown (because it is a temporary phase). You can start by journaling daily, as well as setting your goals on a personal and professional level and outlining the steps to achieve them. Put together a vision board of how you would like your life to transform in the coming months or years. You can even go as far as planning a trip with your best friends. Studies have shown that even planning a trip can boost your happiness levels.

Photograph everything and anything

A creative suggestion received by a photographer no doubt, is to pick up photography as a hobby. However, she suggested to have a theme of what you are photographing, or even take self-portraits. If you are isolating alone, self-portraits would be great to document your days. If you live with your family or friends, ask them to get dressed and glammed up, and line them up in a studio-style setting. They will be great memories to look back at.


Whatever motivates you to keep fit, should be your driving force to get you in shape during the lockdown. Whether its summer being just around the corner, or just wanting to feel good and healthy in your own skin year-round. Not having time is no longer an excuse not to stay fit. Find free online tutorials, Apps and workout videos and get moving.

Just remember, the lockdown is temporary and it’s for the greater good of Lebanon, our loved ones and the healthcare professionals working around the clock, and the healthcare system as a whole. So stay home and stay safe. Every action counts.

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