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It’s difficult for managers, business owners and entrepreneurs to motivate their teams, when they too, need a positive push in light of all the local and international events taking place. However, people are the most vital resource for any organization, and motivating teams using simple strategies, can go a long way. Here are 6 tips on how to motivate your teams and ensure the organization is functioning effectively, and efficiency and productivity levels are on the rise.

What’s your corporate vision? Share it.

You may have had to redefine your organizational vision, given the market shifts and growing challenges. However, having a clear vision is integral, and it sets the tone for the culture that is shared amongst team members. By relaying this vision using different channels, whether in meetings, presentations, internal communication or through informal conversations, the team will be more eager to work towards this collective vision. Make it inspiring.

Do you communicate enough? Have meaningful conversations.

Being weighed down by the lack of foresight and instability that is surrounding all professionals and businesses in Lebanon, can result in frustration and dampen the mood. Team members may have concerns or great innovative ideas to share, but meaningful conversations need to take place for them to surface. Opt for smaller team meetings and departmental meetings, or have more casual conversations with team members to create stronger bonds within the organization.

How do you share ideas? Create a system.

Good ideas are hard to come by. Great ideas are even scarcer. And yet, there may be great ideas lingering around the office, without a place or time to share them. If your organization is innovative, facing a challenge without a visible solution, or looking for ways to expand and grow, consult your team. The more diverse the thinking hats are, the more interesting the outcome.  When great ideas are shared, commend them, and when not so good ideas come about, encourage your teams to share and build on them.

Do you appreciate hard work? Say it.

Hard work and dedication should be commended and appreciated. A kind word or a gesture of gratitude, could create a bigger impact than a financial reward. Use words of encouragement, share one team member’s great work with the rest of the company, or simply use the words ‘thank you’. The effort of team members should be recognized and applauded, more so now than ever.

Do you challenge them to grow? Give them tasks.

Being demotivated can stem from numerous factors that are usually out of your control as a manager or leader. However, there are many activities and ways that can be used to challenge team members to grow and learn, in a positive way. Foster a culture of continuous growth, by encouraging team members to take courses to become more specialized, inspire them to explore an area of interest, or pose a company-level challenge, and ask for brilliant solutions. Team members should be empowered to take on their learning journey.

Is your office culture healthy? Work on it.

Whether working from the office or remotely, office culture is something shared, and needs to be worked on continuously. The saying goes that people went to work to escape the reality at home. And now reality seems to follow them everywhere they go. Observe team members, are they happy? Are they content with the work that they are doing? What types of conversations do you hear in the lunch room? If something relatively negative stands out, address it and find ways to improve the situation, even if it only means to hear a team member out.

Every team member is an individual, and should be managed as such. They have their personal challenges, dreams and motivations that need to be accounted for in the workplace. Start the conversation to mentor or manage their growth, and ensure that the office culture is one that is healthy.

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