A unique cluster of innovation
designed for the digital & creative community

bdd is all about


Where like-minded individuals come together in a neatly-designed space, fostering the spirit of collaboration and encouraging the sharing of ideas

business cluster

An innovatively powered hub, with value-added services and cutting-edge facilities


An urban neighborhood, optimized with state-of-the-art technology and smart solutions, meshing into the existent social fabric and architecture


Balanced environments, where green spaces meet energy saving infrastructure… aiming for Silver (in LEED Certification, that is)

work-life balance

Spaces where flexibility at work is promoted, and tailored lifestyles can develop

bdd is the preferred hub for:

per Year
SMEs and Support
of Beirut’s Venture Capital Funds & Accelerators

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Co-working space
Pull up your seat, at one of our co-working
desks and get started

Startup Offices
Tailored for the fresh, the growing
and the aspiring

smes & multinational
company offices
Office spaces for the long run

envision in Your Future

High-tech offices to call your own

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A few words from our community

Omar Onsi
Omar Onsi
Founder & CEO, Nymgo

I approached BDD because I was looking for a unique place where I can build my company’s culture in. I would recommend every Tech Startup who is looking to be part of a growing tech culture to be part of the BDD community!

Omar Christidis
Omar Christidis
Founder & CEO, ArabNet

Over the past few years BDD has built a dynamic community of decision-makers, investors and ecosystem players, rapidly becoming the go-to destination for anyone working in digital in Lebanon.

Michel G Haddad
Michel G Haddad
Academic Program Director, National Instruments

It is very exciting to be part of the BDD; the place vibrates with youth, innovation, discovery and creativity. It is one of the best places a technology company can be based at.

Omar Bader
Omar Bader
CEO, PinPay

The facilities and support which are available for BDD community members is invaluable. The BDD customer care team has impressed us immensely by going above and beyond to create a special bond between all community members and by organizing so many events and activities.

Maroun Chammas
Maroun Chammas
Chairman Berytech

The successes we have witnessed in the emerging of innovative projects, expanding businesses, the closing of deals, the collaboration linking entrepreneurs to big corporates and support structures, has proven that the vision of this project of retaining local talent.

Habib Haddad
Habib Haddad
President and Managing Director of E14 Fundy

There is a level of inexplicable energy that you find by being part of the BDD community and sharing a space with so many other great people teaches you amazing things every day.