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The Skilling Up Lebanon (SUL) Project

Project Details

The proposed project will support the promotion of digital skills under the Skilling Up Lebanon (SUL) initiative launched by the World Bank in 2019. This initiative aims to prepare young women and men for the local, regional and global jobs of the future and to attract digital technology (DT) players to invest in the region.

Project Activities
Project Documents
Grievance Mechanism

The grievance mechanism described in this section includes grievance (hereinafter referred to only as ‘grievances’). Grievances raised by stakeholders will be managed through a transparent process, readily acceptable to all segments of affected communities and other stakeholders, at no cost and without retribution. In addition, a GRM (Grievance Redress Mechanism) log is to be utilized to keep track of all the grievances that are reported and which will be documented as part of the regular progress reporting. A sample log could be found in Annex 1.

This grievance mechanism sets out the following steps to be taken to resolve grievances, the role of different staff members involved and timeframes to reach a decision on grievances. The types of grievances stakeholders may raise include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of access to project benefits (ex: proposals rejected, training request denied, etc.)
  • Health and safety risks; and
  • Unacceptable standards of trainings delivered.
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment (SEA/SH) related complaints.

It is critical that workers understand that all grievances lodged, regardless of the project phase or activity being implemented, will follow one single mechanism and will ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of the concerned party.

The channels that are available for direct and indirect workers to register any grievances are as follows:

The hours of operations of the GRM shall be from Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM. The timeline for closure of grievances shall be no longer than 5 working days, and the outcome will be communicated by the Executive Director.

All complaints except the SEA/SH ones will be directed to the program coordinator who will involve the right parties. SEA/SH complaints shall be directly escalated to the Executive Director who will ensure confidentiality and a survivor-centered approach as per the World Bank’s Good Practice Note and ensure referral of survivors to the relevant service providers where necessary. The complaint shall be logged onto the GRM log and will be documented as part of the BDD’s regular progress reporting and as per the provisions of the Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP). BDD will ensure data confidentiality of all registered complainants.

Skilling Up Lebanon: Launch Event
World Bank Group

The World Bank Group is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. Its five institutions share a commitment to reducing poverty, increasing shared prosperity, and promoting sustainable development. The World Bank Group is governed by 189 member countries and delivers services out of 130 offices with nearly 16,000 staff globally.

Skilling up Mashreq

The World Bank Group launched the Skilling Up Mashreq (SUM) initiative which aims at addressing the digital skills gap by preparing young women and men in Lebanon and the Mashreq region for the local, regional and global jobs of the future and attracting digital technology players to invest in the region. In Lebanon, the World Bank Group has partnered with the BDD Academy to design and implement a national skilling up program to improve access to digital skills learning opportunities for children in school, youth in universities, and active individuals in the workforce to strive and reap the benefit of a digital economy.

BDD Academy Logo

The BDD Academy is a non for profit organization aiming to develop the skillset of people from all backgrounds to fulfill the digital jobs of today and tomorrow. It supports the new generation of educational programs in testing and developing their curriculum, sourcing participants and scaling. The BDD Academy is an incubator of educational programs at the intersection of design, technology and leadership targeting Kids, University Students and Continuous Learners

Our Impact to-date

150 +

Startups Supported

300 +

Interns Trained

300 +

Kids in Summer Camps

2000 +

People trained in Workshops and Programs