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I won't stop learning

I won't stop learning

on Wed 10 Jun | 09:00 - 18:00

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Synkers FREE education initiative #iwontstoplearning.

This summer, Synkers, a digital educational platform, will be providing FREE quality education to all high school students across the MENA region. Students will have access to LIVE, free of charge, tutoring sessions for Math, English and SAT in addition to 2 workshops: Choose your major and prepare your college applications -  Kick-start your career.

1. FREE online learning sessions

This summer all high school students will have access to FREE live group learning sessions to help them strengthen their knowledge and be ready for the upcoming academic year. 


Curriculum covered:  Saudi National, Egypt National, Emirati National, Jordan National, American, British, French, IB and Lebanese.

Grade 10: 12 hours (per curriculum)

Grade 11: 14 hours (per curriculum)

Grade 12: 16 hours (per curriculum)


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (based on the assessment test score we will be able to assign them to the right level)

2. FREE SAT live preparation sessions

Synkers is offering 40 hours of LIVE tutoring sessions with SAT certified experts including practice tests and instant correction and grading.

Sessions date: July 2020-August 2020

English: 20 hours

Math: 20 hours

3. Workshop: Choose your major and prepare your college applications

Choosing a major can be hard and students are always overwhelmed with prepping their college applications and being able to stand out in an increasingly competitive pool of applicants.

For the first time ever, students will have exclusive access to a panel of alumni from the best universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Columbia and many more. The panelists will provide insights and guidance to help students prep their university application and answer all their questions regarding choosing a major.


4. Workshop: Get ready to kick start your career 

the right job and matching the interest of potential future employment
opportunities is quite challenging. A team of professional panelists
working for leading companies across diverse industries will share with
the students the hiring tips that recruiters are looking for, which
skills they need to develop and what metrics they need to master to be
ready for the job market.


Students who would like to register can visit the website and register before June 30: www.synkers.com/iwontstoplearning

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