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Agrytech Learning Series

Agrytech Learning Series

on Tue 19 Jan | 12:30 - 14:00

at Online


Lebanon is suffering from an on-going economic crisis placing the agri-food sector at a pivotal point. While the sector is facing numerous challenges including the lack of technology, the low efficiency, and the lack of funds, many opportunities to innovate are emerging.

Our aim today is to create a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, creatives, and an orbit of experts and supporters, leading to the creation of startups that would serve the local, regional and international needs, pushing the agri-food sector forward.

Session 2:  Crop Production and Access to Finance in the Agri-Food Sector 

As the agriculture sector faces immense challenges with the devaluation of the currency, the consequences are unveiling in the increased prices of fruits, vegetables, and related products. Current production practices are not efficient, land use is not optimal, and the access to funds is very hard, limiting the growing capacity of the farmers.

We will host experts in the agricultural sector to discuss the different problems limiting the sector in Lebanon and the solutions needed to turn them around into potential opportunities

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