The World of Virtual Reality Through the Lens of Robocom

The World of Virtual Reality Through the Lens of Robocom

When the CEO of Robocom, Karim Ibrahim, first tried a Virtual Reality (VR) head mount and a flight simulator, coincidentally on the same day, he became obsessed to try and find a way to merge the two into one experience. His determination led him to found Robocom, a technology solutions company, specialized in the fields of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (and beyond). Today, Robocom’s partners have expanded to include international powerhouses, from Hasbro, Disney and the Discovery Channel. 

In the industry which Robocom functions in, key international players dominate the market. Karim was determined to bridge strategic partnerships with leading hardware, software and content developers, to create unique immersive and interactive experiences. Today, Robocom has a diverse portfolio of clients, venturing into another dimension of reality.

The BDD team sat with Karim (KI) to discuss the world of VR, how Robocom enticed global partners to come on board, and the most captivating project to date. 

BDD: What was missing from the local market, for Robocom to tailor such services and products for the region?

KI: The local market is not at all our playground, rather, the world is. We started noticing the innovation in the VR industry and major growth in the gaming industry. So we  decided to combine the two to cater to Location-based entertainment centers. Our first flagship project was Dubai Mall's VR Park, and our second major project was at the IGA Istanbul Airport under the name, PLAY VR. Now, with many new locations coming soon and Robocom VR acquiring Transformers IP from Hasbro, we are really optimistic for the future. 

BDD: How did you entice global partners to come on board?

KI: Two factors: persistence and ambition. We have a very advanced and innovative product and we were very ambitious with our dreams. Of course, luck always helps. We were fortunate to bring together prestigious partners on all levels. Today, we have partnerships with Hasbro, Disney and the Discovery Channel, hardware partners like HTC Vive, Intel, Nvidia etc. and distribution partners such as EMAAR Entertainment (Dubai) and Playland (Istanbul).

BDD: With strategic partnerships and an advanced offering, how is Robocom helping companies stand out?

KI: The name Robocom itself stands for Robot Community, meaning we strongly believe in helping one another and having as many partners on one project, as possible. Evolving the ecosystem for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike and bringing them together onto one platform. The spirit of community in our industry, is what we advocate.

BDD: What are the latest technologies you have introduced?

KI: Our newest VR Simulator would be Transformers VR based on the Famous Hasbro IP.

BDD: Where do you foresee the VR / AI industry heading?

KI: I would definitely say gaming, but other industries will adapt it as well such as education and real estate.

BDD: If you can disclose, what is the most impactful project you have worked on?

KI: To date, it has been Dubai Mall’s VR Park. It was an amazing experience for all of us and we learned so much about the industry and entertainment in general.

Working with European and American companies in IPs such as The Walking Dead, The Mummy, John Wick, PayDay and many more was an honor. Working with regional leading companies, such as EMAAR, was of course a pleasure. The high standards they have set in the hospitality industry and guest experience, is unparalleled. It was our flagship and first ever project which allowed us to shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars.  

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on September 30, 2019

by Beirut Digital District