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Do_Action Beirut Hackathon Supporting NGOs In Lebanon

Do_Action Beirut Hackathon Supporting NGOs In Lebanon

The annual do_action Beirut Hackathon was hosted at BDD, organized by a growing community of developers and coders. The last edition, held in December, sought to support Lebanese NGOs, to build and own an online presence, using Wordpress.

For one full day, participants from Beirut WordPress community (wpBeirut) came together to plan and build brand new websites for a number of local NGOs.

“The goal of do_action is to support various charitable organisations by giving them a fresh and dynamic online presence,” shares Ali Basheer, Founder of WordPress Beirut Community. “This is an important step for NGOs, as it allows them to focus on the work that they already do so well, without basic website management getting in the way of their productivity,” he adds.

At the closing of the event, brand new websites were designed and built for NGOs, along with a lifetime of free hosting provided by a sponsor.

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on January 13, 2020

by Beirut Digital District