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School is out? Learning is in!

Invest in your future and start learning this summer!

As part of our efforts to continuously improve STEAM skills in the younger generations, the BDD Academy is launching the 2020 Summer Camps Edition.
Over the last 3 years, our summer camps have been a success and we plan to make this year no different!
We are bringing you online learning programs that will prepare school students for the next academic years: Let's leverage this down time to learn essential skills that will prepare children for the jobs of tomorrow

Why STEAM Education?

With 50% of current jobs disappearing in the next 25 years, and technology disrupting all indutries as we know them, creativity, leadership and tech skills are becoming more essential than ever.

The BDD Academy aims to develop the skillset of people from all backgrounds to fulfill the digital jobs of today and tomorrow

Hour of Code, by Code.org

For Ages 6-18

With the rising concerns today as per the COVID 19 outbreak, the BDD Academy in partnership with Code.org and the World Bank Group wants to support students, teachers and parents in leveraging this down time to learn essential skills that will prepare children for the jobs of tomorrow
Introduce your kids to the world of computer science and coding, while at home and for free!

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Summer of Code for Youth, by SE Factory

For Ages 15-18

If you're looking to pick up on the most in-demand skillset and not sure where to go, SE Factory, Lebanon's top coding bootcamp, is launching its virtual summer camp catered specifically for youth aged 15+.
With its relaxed yet structured class schedule, the summer course is set to allow youth to make the most out of their summer, by building their critical thinking mindset and learning how to code with like-minded peers.

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I Won't Stop Learning, by Synkers

For Ages 6-18

Join Synkers’ COVID-19 Won’t Stop Me Online initiative with the program that’s right for you:

  1. Ivy League Counsellor Panel: Get exclusive access to a panel of alumni from Ivy League Universities, including Harvard, MIT & Stanford
  2. SAT Live Preparation Sessions: 48-hour SAT preparation sessions to prepare for the exam with certified experts
  3. Online Learning Sessions: Learn new skills and start the next academic year up to date
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Maker Spirit, by The Makers Hub and Kids Genius

For Ages 7-18

This summer, youth will get the chance to develop new skills in hardware technology and build interactive games and products allowing them to develop a maker spirit eager for continuous self-learning and growing their skills in tech.
Join The Makers Hub and Kids Genius for summer camps about 3D design, 3D printing, woodworking, ceramics, electronics
The programs will be either online or in situ courses (6 people/course), based on your preference

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Hands-On Minds-On, By The Little Engineer

For Ages 8-18

Preparing Youth for the 4th Industrial Revolution from the comfort of their homes!
Enjoy The Little Engineer's Hands-On activities and learn more about Robotics, Renewable Energy, Arduino, Coding or AutoCad
Get the toolkit from TLE Sodeco Center, keep it for one week with daily online sessions from The Little Engineer Certified Instructors from Monday to Friday
Ages: 8-10 / 11-13 / 14-18

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The BDD Academy is a non for profit organization aiming to develop the skillset of people from all backgrounds to fulfill the digital jobs of today and tomorrow. It supports the new generation of educational programs in testing and developing their curriculum, sourcing participants and scaling. The BDD Academy is an incubator of educational programs at the intersection of design, technology and leadership targeting Kids, University Students and Continuous Learners

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Our Impact to-date

150 +

Startups Supported

300 +

Interns Trained

300 +

Kids in Summer Camps

2000 +

People trained in Workshops and Programs