Why choose BDD?

BDD is all-inclusive professional urban development in Lebanon, designing hubs where the creative digital community can WORK, LIVE, and PLAY.
BDD offers a superior business environment, fostering the growth of digital startups and encouraging entrepreneurship.
BDD’s rich networking opportunities, through its carefully crafted cluster, allow companies to interact and exchange competencies, create partnerships and establish synergies.
BDD pioneers in offering a one-stop-shop for companies to fulfill professional aspirations, indulged in comfort and benefit from professional support.
BDD will soon be called home, with the introduction of small residential units, furnished apartments, and three, as well as four-star hotels.
BDD is a sustainable district that is complete with eco-friendly buildings, surrounded by open spaces, and powered by ongoing resource-efficient energy.

Benefit from bdd’s shared spaces

Beyond office walls, benefits extend into the hallways and shared spaces… even into the surrounding gardens.
Here are other specialized locations where creativity and innovation can flourish:

3 meeting rooms
6-8 people each
3 training rooms
50 to 70 people each
3 event spaces
Up to 200 people each

tenants can focus on their core business

Advantages of being in BDD:

  • Time-Saving Services
  • Business Setup Support
  • Support in Office Setup
  • HR Services
  • Internet and IT Support
  • 24 Hour Facility Management

Leave the paperwork on us

Handling of payments, follow up, support, and registration at the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Municipality of Beirut, Electricity of Lebanon (EDL), Ogero, EBML, NSSF and LibanPost.

Expert advice

Providing assistance throughout the lifecycle of the company, from its establishment, to legal matters, auditing and financial consulting at reduced rates.

Help moving in and around

Setting up of office furniture, moving in items to the office, providing consumables such as water, tissues, refreshments and coffee upon request. We also support in applying to landlines, setting up IT equipment from wireless solutions to routers, and internal cleaning contracts.

Fresh talent, recruited

Assisting companies in BDD, in sourcing and recruiting the best talent, while reducing costs and improving hiring efficiency. See Careers Oportunities.

Globally connected

A resilient and reliable IT infrastructure including High Speed Fiber Optics, 4G Broadband and free WiFi connectivity, in addition to a dedicated technical support team that can aid in promptly resolving connection issues (should they arise) and advise on the optimal connectivity solutions.

24 Hours Facility

Including reception teams to handle calls and greet visitors, state-of-the-art security including CCTV and security control, 24/7 power with 100% back up facilities ensuring permanent power supply to all tenants and cleaning services including internal office cleaning on demand.

Offering a selection of convenience facilities

  • BDD App
  • Let's EAT
  • I-EAT by Tailor Kit
  • Urbanista
  • Novo Bank Audi
  • Vending Machine


A full-fledged App, digitizing BDD experience. With the click of a button, you can: navigate the campus, book meeting rooms, request event spaces, order food, pay through the App, and request repair services. Keep up to date with news and events and add them to your calendars too.

Let's EAT

With 2 other locations, Let’s Eat opened its doors at BDD offering a range of catering options at affordable prices, and an inviting environment. With fresh daily platters, healthy home-cooked meals, a selection of sandwiches, and a rich salad bar, Let’s Eat is the perfect place to grab a bite and networking while at work.

I-EAT by Tailor Kit

Palettes are satisfied even further, with I-Eat by Tailor Kit at BDD, offering the community fresh daily plates at affordable prices, as well as sandwiches, burgers, salads, and more…


The brainchild of 4 Lebanese entrepreneurs, Urbanista captures Beirut’s vibrant character in its cozy café / restaurant setting, serving delicious dishes, fresh-brewed coffee, sandwiches and desserts. The branch in BDD, offers indoor and outdoor seating options.

Novo Bank Audi

A Bank Audi Novo branch in BDD, serves banking needs around the clock, offering transactions support, advice from experts, and every day innovative banking solutions from 8:30 am till 10 pm, with 24/7 ATM services available. Banking and financial services are carried out, from the comfort of the office.

Vending machine

For those on the go, vending machines packed with delicious snacks and beverages will soon be in every BDD lobby. Two already exist in BDD 1499 and BDD 1288.