Beirut Digital District & areeba partner to launch the 1st Digital & Cashless Community in Lebanon

Beirut Digital District & areeba partner to launch the 1st Digital & Cashless Community in Lebanon

Today, areeba & Beirut Digital District strengthened their commitment to introduce world-class technology and digital services with the launch of the new BDD app that digitizes the experience for their community members, including mobile payments.

Commenting on the occasion Mr. Mohamad Rabah, CEO of BDD, said: “As part of BDD’s efforts to continuously innovate and enhance customer experience, we have launched the BDD App in partnership with Ray Labs, the app developers. The BDD App digitizes the experience for our community members and promotes a cashless culture. BDD users can open the door through the app, drop off and request their car from the VP service, book meeting rooms, request event spaces, order food, report issues, chat with other community members, talk to us, pay their dues, see events, etc. all through the app. In addition to digitizing the customer experience, the app allows us to optimize our back-office processes and support our upcoming growth and a smooth scale up into the next phases of BDD.”

Mr. Maher Mikati, CEO of areeba said: “As a key enabler of digital payment, areeba has rolled out a suite of innovations, streamlining and safeguarding the payment process, including QR codes, biometrics and e-commerce. We have provided BDD with a secure digital payment solution based on QR code, through their mobile app, allowing community members to tokenize their card on the app so that they do not need to carry cash or credit cards around BDD anymore. Members can use their mobile (Android or IOS) for:
Food Delivery and In-app Payment from BDD outlets and food suppliers: BDD community members can order their food and pay through the app; the payment allows tokenization of the cards and pin or fingerprint validation for every payment.

In-store Payment: Community members can use the app to pay at the outlets instead of carrying cash or their wallet (including parking subscription, food, etc.)
In-app Dues Payment: Community members can see their dues and settle them through the BDD app.”
Businesses are increasingly moving towards digital forms of payment and away from cash and checks. By transitioning to digital payments, businesses gain many benefits, including increased labor productivity, lower costs, reduced frauds, a seamless customer experience and greater sales.

About areeba
areeba is an electronic payment technology company licensed by Visa and MasterCard and has an agreement with American Express. Established in 2017, areeba adopts latest technology and provides solutions and payment services to banks, governments and merchants to suit their aspirations and needs.
areeba offers services tailored to global requirements, from card issuance and management, non-contact payment solutions, contactless and mobile payment, 24-hour contact center services and co-branded programs. It also provides merchants and governments with the latest e-commerce platform and point-of-sale machines that adopt the highest standards and safety systems. areeba operates a wide range of loyalty programs, including: collecting points and miles, cashback programs, and providing consultancy services for the planning, design and development of electronic products and payment solutions.
areeba’s philosophy is based on three core principles: upgrading technology to higher levels, innovation in products and services, and establishing reliable and long-term relationships with its customers.

About Beirut Digital District:
Beirut Digital District (BDD) is a unique cluster of innovation designed for the digital & creative community in Lebanon. Providing the ideal business environment, BDD combines value added services and state-of-the-art infrastructure so that companies can increase their productivity and grow. BDD offers the healthiest living environment where the young and dynamic workforce can WORK, LIVE & PLAY

About RAY Labs
RAY Labs – RAY was founded on a disruptive concept: to put people at the center of communities, simplify their day-to-day lives and make their community experience enjoyable, all through our platform. Anything that serves that mission is the focus of RAY. We have been working with a variety of customers in the MENA region to ensure we identify their needs and troubles in order to help them build more engaging communities.

on December 12, 2018

by Executive Bulletin