The MENA region’s population is one of the youngest in the world, with an estimated 60% of the total 381 million inhabitants under the age of 30. In this regard, Forbes ME sought to recognize the aspiring talent from the region, in its latest index, ‘Middle East 30 under 30’ for 2019. The listing sheds light on movers and shakers, either hailing from the MENA region, or breaking boundaries here. 

These young professionals all under the age of 30, nominated themselves, and were assessed based on their number of achievements and the turnover of their respective companies. However, their impact does not stop there. Many of them have founded companies that disrupted once traditional industries and showcase exceptional prospects for future growth. 

The rapid evolution in innovative and entrepreneurial ventures over the past decade, are no coincidence in the MENA region. Public and private institutions have taken it upon themselves to inspire innovation and encourage entrepreneurship amongst the youth. Governments are transforming budding talent and potential into a self-powered growth engine. In addition, numerous entities are creating tailored programs and increasing their investments in upskilling the youth, in all fields and industries. 

In Lebanon, communities such as BDD are harnessing this talent and giving companies enough room to disrupt their respective industries. One entrepreneur on the list, Audrey Nakad, is leading her company, Synkers, from the heart of BDD. 

These six Lebanese entrepreneurs made it onto the ‘Middle East 30 under 30’ list: 

Ralph Masri, Founder & Director 

Organization: Ralph Masri 

Age: 29

Category: Art & Style

Residing in: Lebanon 

Marwan Aboudib, CEO & Founder 

Organization: Tekuma Inc. & Tekuma Frenchman LLC

Age: 28

Category: Science

Residing in: USA & UAE 

Jawad Fares, Postdoctoral Fellow 

Organization: Northwestern University

Age: 27 

Category: Healthcare

Residing in: USA

Audrey Nakad, CEO & Co-Founder

Organization: Synkers

Age: 27

Category: Social entrepreneurship 

Residing in: Lebanon 

Charlie El Khoury, CEO & Co-Founder

Organization: Next Automated Robot (NAR)

Age: 27

Category: Technology

Residing in: Lebanon

Stefano Fallaha, CEO & Founder

Organization: Fallound

Age: 20

Category: Technology

Residing in: Lebanon